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Don't you think it's strange, counterproductive even, to call for "social distancing" in a time of crisis, when we instead should all come together to face said crisis? I do, which is the reason for this short post.


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What we really need is "physical distancing", which we can organize only if we stand united and all abide by the temporary rules set up to accomplish that we keep our physical bodies separated by at least two meters; we need more social coherence in order to realize the goal of physical distancing. "Social distancing" is yet another creative way to use language, a novel way to serve the old goal of "divide and conquer." I'll tell you who is united in their common goals: the ultra-rich. The owners of companies that are "too big to fail" and who themselves are "too rich to jail"; they are the ones who are constantly telling us that we're unique and special, that we belong to specific groups, and that membership of a specific group pits us against individuals in all other groups. Meanwhile the ultra rich form a cohesive, tightly knit club that perfectly plays its part of a comic-book villain lusting for world-domination.

We, the 99 percent, don't usually realize how much power we have if we were to unite against the fracturing forces that suck us dry every chance they get. This reminds me of an episode of classic Roman history I once heard from American political scientist and cultural critic Michael Parenti; slave-holders in ancient Rome once discussed the possibility of sticking an emblem on their slaves, so that they could easily be identified as slaves, and not Roman citizens. They decided against it however with the reason being that such an emblem would not only make them easily identifiable for Roman officials and citizens, but also among themselves! They would recognize EACH OTHER and realize their numbers, and that they are the majority! They would, in other words, suddenly realize how much power they really have...

Stay at home if your situation permits you to do so. Do not pack the churches like Trump wants you to. Don't believe Glenn Beck when he boasts that he would gladly die in order to save the economy. It's YOUR life they want to risk and sacrifice, that's THEIR common goal. So don't listen to them and watch their language. Keep your loved ones close and reach out to those who need help in this dire situation, without literally reaching out of course. Reaching out is simple; I myself drive to the groceries twice per week to get the groceries for my parents in law, and my old aunt. You could donate to Bernie Sanders' campaign; he transformed his grass-root organization and now uses those donations to fund several relief- and social aide organizations. He's the one you should have voted for America, and he's proving it every day. In closing I'd like to share with you the below linked video; it's the aforementioned Michael Parenti on his relationship with and opinion of Bernie Sanders, in which it will become clear that nobody is perfect, not even Bernie Sanders. Sanders still is the best candidate though, and the only one who seeks the social cohesion of the fractured 99 percent...

Michael Parenti on Bernie Sanders

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading my posts dear reader, I appreciate that a lot :-) If you like my content, please consider leaving a comment, upvote or resteem. I'll be back here tomorrow and sincerely hope you'll join me. Until then, keep safe, keep healthy!

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Let's keep up the Crown Chakra

semantic is how they wage their first front. you nailed it : "physical distancing".


Yes, it's a war on our minds, maybe more than anything else... Thanks so much for your visit and support @sweecee!

a healthy body is a great path to an healthy mind...

Mens sana in corpore sano

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