A Goat and Papaya Fruit Test Positive to Covid-19!!!

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Oh yes, that's a real news story! Or is it fake news? Who even knows at this point. Is this another wedge being created deliberately in the informationwar battlefield we are seeing being played out in the digital empire game of thrones, between the US and China?

In this article from Sky News, the President of Tanzania John Magufuli, has questioned the accuracy of the covid-19 test kits, due to a Goat and Papaya fruit both testing positive to the disease. Whaaaaaat? Makes you seriously question a lot of thing now, doesn't it!!!

The president claimed he asked security forces to check the quality of the kits and that they randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a papaya, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.

The samples were then submitted to Tanzania's laboratory to test for the coronavirus, with the lab technicians deliberately not made aware of their origins.

Mr Magufuli said the return of positive results on the goat and papaya indicated some people were testing positive despite not having the virus.

"There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation," he said, adding that the kits should be investigated.


As would be expected, Breitbart News is suggesting that the test kits originate from China, even though the President of Tanzania has not yet confirmed anything at this point. It does seem very likely that he is speaking of Chinese test kits, as other nations have also rejected the Chinese test kits as faulty - as reported in this article from ABC Australia.

Isn't that an interesting statement, for the President of a nation state to make? Not only is he questioning the accuracy of the test kits themselves - after the absurd false positive test results seen above, but he is also pointing the finger at a country and the aid they are receiving from them. This is no small matter, and directly coincides with the big rise in 'public' tensions, between the two power nations!

As far as overall aid to Tanzania is concerned, it is currently receiving the overall majority from the US - via it's international aid agency and NGO in USAID, the United Nations, the EU and World Bank.

In 2018, aid was withdrawn and sanctions were applied to Tanzania, after the President John Magufuli, was accused of having repressive policies, as well as a record of human rights abuses. Was this really because of the so-called repressive policies and human rights abuses, or was it another case of a game of empire and influence between the US and China?

Governments and institutions applying pressure via sanctions and the media, are a widely used tool in getting leaders to "play ball" and get back in line - especially when they see a direct threat from emerging players of influence on the horizon, who also threaten the ongoing debt system and future repayments that need to be serviced.

Getting back to the original story of the testing kits themselves...It seems that the entire narrative being portrayed around the outbreak needs to be seriously questioned at every level. This includes every official website or official statistical report coming from official sources, that provide any type of numbers with the recordings of deaths, as well as actual infection rates themselves with regards to the covid-19 outbreak. There are so many obvious flaws coming to the fore with the testing regime, that one would also have to question what all the hype and fuss was really all about, at this point...especially with all the insane laws being rushed through parliaments around the world, where governments are removing rights from citizens in the name of safety, to justify the installation and infrastructures of dystopian style techno-grids and future AI technologies, designed to track and trace so-called infected citizens and ensuring they are "social distancing" properly, accoding to the AI demo posted to the MIT website.

Maybe that's what all the fuss was about in the first place...😉

Which brings me to another point. Even though we are seeing all of these 'public' tensions in the media over the outbreak, it's origins and now the faulty testing kits - many nations are simultaneously installing the same tracking technologies in the background, with minimal to no public debate in the media or within official diplomatic relations. Instead, all of the focus is mainly on the 'virus' and the hyped/flawed numbers! Something to ponder right there!

Luckily for us, Google and Apple has now banned location tracking from their contact tracing apps according to this article on the MIT website...In the same article however, it's reported that we should be "excited" about this, because all future releases of iOS and Android, will now come with the tracking ability built in to it's future hardware! All's well that ends well, for the technocratic giants of this world!


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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