Deep Dives Index 1.5

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Deep Dives Archive Index 1.5

Research Challenges # 11-16

After a prolonged hiatus, @deepdives is proud to present the Best of Deep Dives #11 through #16 here in our Archive Index 1.5.

We'd like to acknowledge the tremendous effort, tenacious digging, patience and persistence that goes into producing these original posts. In this post, we want to continue our commitment in showcasing the very best of our #deepdives community contributions from 2019 and encourage anyone new to our community to take a few minutes of their precious time to go back and check out some of the original content we have on offer.

For anyone unfamiliar with @deepdives please see the link to our introductory post at the bottom of the page.

A huge shout out to all the contributors to the project without whom none of this would be possible. Your work is truly inspiring and we hope you stay with us on this journey in building the Deep Dives Archive on the Steem blockchain.

In no particular order, a Very Special Thank You to the DD Community:

@palikari123, @bifilarcoil, @thoughts-in-time, @krnel, @geke, @shepz1, @natepower, @direrat, @jasonliberty, @angryman, @elchacal6, @gregorypatrick, @richq11, @an0nkn0wledge, @ura-soul, @theouterlight, @valued-customer, @v4vapid,

Deep Dives Archive Index 1

Deep Dives Index 1.5

Deep Dives 11 - The Wikileaks Archive

Wikileaks Shows How Teams of Unscrupulous Figures Control Popular Politicians From the Shadows

Tom Delonge From Blink 182 And His Connection To John Podesta - How His Full Book : Sekret Machines Was Leaked And Is Now Free To Read

Overthrowing Governments to Secure Resources for Mega Corporations and National Power

Coups and Regime Change Through Unconventional Warfare

The Penney Report and How Britain Got The Bomb

Did the Jewish Mafia Kill Tupac Shakur?

Deep Dives 12

Coups, Regime Change and Interventionism

Psychological Warfare Conducted by the USG Against Americans to Support the Coups in Venezuela

Regime Change African Style: Western Intervention Into African Politics

Petro Caribe, The Economic Hitmen, Another Nail in Venezuela's Coffin

The American Empire: Methods to the Madness

A New Era of Regime Change for a New American Century, Spearheaded with Iraq

Regime Change Amping Up in Venezuela, with Guaido's 'Tactical Action' and Engineered Power Blackouts

Regime Change in South America | The US Role in Chile's 9-11

Deep Dives 13 - The Wikileaks Archive

Revisiting Jonestown

Revisiting Jonestown Part 2

Why Are Troops Still in Afghanistan?

Another war bluff exposed by Wikileaks - 2007

Strange Love and the CBRN Defense Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025

Deep Dives 14 - The FBI Vault

Making Sure Money Trumps Morality

Young...Dumb...and...TOP SECRET...Working for the Man; (E.U. Alps: 1968)

Operation Condor

Deep Dives 15 - The Wikileaks Archive

The Human Ecology Program part 1

The Human Ecology Program part 2

The Apollo Affair

Another 2019 U.S. Government Backed Coup: Libya-Deep Dive

WikiLeak's Deep Dive "The Bilderberg Group" Part One

That Time the US Shot Down an Iranian Civilian Airliner Killing ALL 290 Passengers, and LIED to Cover it Up

The Plan to Take Out Wikileaks 10 years in the Making

Deep Dives 16 – Jeffrey Epstein -

Black Books, Sexual Blackmail and Child Prostitution


200-ish People + 36 Organisations

Jeffrey Epstein: Eugenics, Big Tech, Blackmail & Breeding Programs! An FBI Informant Or Just Another Cover Up?

Epstein Case Shines Light on Sex Trafficking, Slaves, Secret Societies, Elites, Government Corruption and Cover-Ups

Overview of recent unsealed 2000+ court documents in Jeffery Epstein case

Jeffery Epstein visited White House multi times in the 1990s and Epstein Steemit Deep Dive

Ghislaine Maxwell charity shutdown and being investigated by FBI

The Unredacted Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein

Unredacted Black Book - Mr. Valdson Cotrin Epstein's Paris Chauffeur

Unredacted Black Book - Illusionist David Copperfield's Private Fantasy Island Musha Cay

Unredacted Black Book - Mr. Tim Newcome, Epstein's In-House IT Guy

Unredacted Black Book | "The Scout" Jean Luc Brunel

Introductory Post

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I was watching you tube today and right around the 12:00 mark you got a mention, and a link was posted in the description. The channel has a 170k subs!

In Pursuit of Truth

Cheers, it's nice to see that some research is still of interest 3 years on!
The NCMEC / ICMEC is a real rabbit hole. From their board of directors and financial sponsors to their work with Palantir software, the organization is intriguing to say the least.

Thanks @natepower!
I would have never have found this without your help.

This post is way overdue, but glad to finally put it together. I felt a real sense of pride compiling this latest index, there are some real gems in here. I hope more than a few casual readers have a look at some of the titles and follow the links. They're in for a treat ;)

Great work in putting this together as a reference point for anyone who likes to delve into these topics! I just got lost in a maze of following these links myself, but I dug my way out of it again:-)

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