The Byzantine Generals Problem-1

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Hello everyone, I am justfans. Thank you @spidemen for inviting me to join this community. I hope I can share some of my experiences with you here, and I hope I can learn some new knowledge here.

I have always been particularly interested in the knowledge of blockchain, and the Byzantine Generals problem is a very important one in the blockchain. I spent a long time studying the Byzantine Generals’ paper. During the reading process, I was thinking: Why do I Reading so slowly? I believe there must be some friends who are the same as me when reading the papers.


In response to this problem, I thought about the reason: because I had no previous experience of distributed consistency in such an untrustworthy environment, and I did not touch this kind of problem in my usual work, that is to say: I did not understand what Byzantine Generals problem really want to solve, and I think this point is very important.

So I think there is a key point in understanding this problem: first we must figure out what the problem with the Byzantine general is, and why is there such a problem? After understanding the problem, think about it again: What would you do if you were to solve the problem? It would be better to study with clear questions.

I prepare to share my opinion in the next series of articles, hope I can explain it well.

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