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RE: Stop Abortion!!

Everything is possible so is a child that grows up (or dies early) because dad hit the road, the family abandoned the mother, the mother dies at the birth, has a post natale depression for many years, gets an infection because there's too much damage done to her body because of giving birth, she becomes handicaped, both love in poverty and misery and worst of all is no one cares!

That is what happens in most cases. The preachers preach but will not give a hand if it comes by raising, finance and if you keep it you are outcast. No matter what a woman decides not a single person will will say "great you did this!" It's family and society that forces people to undertake steps and wants us all to have success. With or without abortion the woman remains bad and a failure, the unwanted child grows up unwanted, bullied with low self-esteem and the father? He can come and go and do as he like.