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There are positive parental influences, but we are talking against negative parental influence, restricting you from marrying someone you love. Sometimes he/she may be your "God-sent" partner, Matt 19:5, Eccl 4:9-11.
Undue Parental Influence: Undue influence occurs when an often a person with diminished capacity, is subjected to threats, misrepresentation, undue flattery, fraud or physical or moral coercion. This overpowers the person's free agency and impels that person to act against his or her inclination and free will.
This happens more often when a young person reaches his/her marriageable age; you see parents indirectly imposing their children to marry based on selfish interest, not love. Genuine love has been relegated to the bin, this makes love to appear like a mirage. The danger here is that there be a regeneration of parents who choose spouse for their children, hence many families only marry for connection, wealth, influence, portfolio, appointment, etc. Another form of Undue Parental Influence is a child's choice of career; many parents are selfish when it comes to career choice, they want to impose a course of study on the child without assessing the person's capacity to handle the tasks involved. The danger here is that most do not study what they have passion for, rather they study what please their parents, and this means people will not live their dreams. Another danger is that it pushes lonely and restricted young people into masturbation, pornography, lesbianism and homosexuality.

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