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Chinedu was one of the most handsome young men in the village of Umuahia and all the surrounding districts. his face was very finely cut, with long hairs, his skin was like his father's, the color of a golden pumpkin. people said of him that he was not born for these parts among the Igbo people.

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Two things spoilt Chinedu. He drank palm wine excessively and he was a man with fiery anger. Although he was handsome, he was quick to anger and made sure he inflicted injury on others.

He was very strong and had no match in his village who could stand up to His bad attitude. His father always warned him about his quick to anger and told him that one day, it will put him into big trouble. The father always told him that "The man who has never submitted to anything will soon submit to the burial mat" but Chinedu never took his father's words seriously.

Not very long, Chinedu almost killed a young man of his age because he meets the man and his younger sister talking and holding hands. Without waiting to hear why both were conversing, he took a long stick from the bush and hit it on the man's head. Without looking back at the dying man, he started pursuing his younger sister's home.

When he got home, he took his younger sister, tied her, and placed her under a coconut tree dared anyone to come near and move her. His father, mother and neighbor pleaded with Chinedu showing him that the coconut tree might fall and hit her but he told them that he put her there on purpose, to be crushed by the coconut.

The man narrowly escaped death because passersby came to his rescue while Chinedu was busy pursuing his sister and rushed him to the hospital for immediate treatment. After his recovery, he was asked what happened and when he finished explaining, he was advised to report the case to the village authority who directed him to go to the Police authority.

After all said and done at the Police station, the man was given some policemen who escorted him to Chinedu's father's house for the arrest of Chinedu. When they got there, they met Chinedu's younger sister still tied on the bench and kept under the coconut tree. Chinedu never listens to anyone's plea, not even his parents.

The policemen enquired what was going on and they were told the story why she was tied and kept under the tree and even went on to tell the policemen that they have been begging Chinedu but to no avail. The policemen untied the girl and went on to arrest Chinedu for assault on the man and his younger sister.

He was arrested and put in a cell with intensive punishment since so many of the villagers reported of him injuring them for nothing and the village authority with the help of his father told the policemen o make sure they dealt with Chinedu seriously and made sure he cane out of the cell a changed man.

After the intensive punishment from the police cell, while in the cell, Chinedu made a promise never to let his anger get the best part of him because of the punishment he is receiving in the cell.


  1. What did people admire about Chinedu?
  2. What things did they not admire about him?
  3. What advice did the father give to Chinedu?
  4. What serious trouble did Chinedu get into?
  5. Did Chinedu follow his father's advice?
  6. What was his punishment?
  7. Did Chinedu decide to change while in cell?
  8. What lesson does this story teach us

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