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In this post I would like to share with you what I know about the history of rock music. It's useful to learn about all the genres to enrich your vocabulary.

First of all I would like to share this picture that shows all the genres since 50s :

To make it even more clear I devided it into 5 parts.

From 20s to 40s :

You can see here the blues and that's the beginning of the rock and it's a very emotional music. The best musician of this genre I know is B.B. King.

Check one of his old songs ''Sweet Little Angel'' :

In 30s we see Jazz. Some call it America's classical music.

Check this music by Eubie Blake :

In 40s we see Doo Wop. It's even happier music.

Check The Flamingos "I Only Have Eyes for You" :

The 50s :

In this period we see more famous genres appeared :

''Rhythm and blues'' very cool music.

Check The Champs "Tequila" :

You may remember something like that in ''Tom & Jerry'' the cartoon. ☺

''Rock and roll'' of course remind us about Elvis Presley :

Even cooler music !

''Soul'' again created by African American community. It combines two genre ''Gospel music'' and that's a Christian music and Rhythm and blues.

*Check ''James Brown'' :

''Folk'' music. Really nice music.

Check ''Frank Sinatra'' , I love this song :

''Country music'' well known in cawboys movies.

Check this collection:

''Skiffle music'' influenced by jazz, blues and folk music.

It's kind of telling a story through a song.

Check Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line :

''Rockabilly music'' is the early Rock & Roll.

Check Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman :

60s :

Combines a lot of ealier genres but more modern.

For example ''Funk'' :

Or ''Reggae'' :

70s :

We can see here the appearance of :

''Hard Rock'' :

And ''Heavy metal' :

And ''Disco'' :

80s, 90s and after :

All other modern music is in this period :

For example ''Hardcore'' :

Really crazy music

And ''punk'' :

And ''Hip Hop'' :

And ''Nu Metal'' :

Or ''Linkin Park'' who most of you know :

Also I will mention the rap.

Someone like ''Eminem'' I like so much :

Now the music is even hard to relate to a genre. The modern music is a cocktail of all those genres. That's why I don't listen to a particular one, but to songs and I music I love.

Enjoy listening.

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