The clever goat - Story with lesson for kids

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Once upon a time,  in a land far away,  with fairies and giants and wizards still roaming the land, there lived 3 little goats.

These 3 goats were brothers and they did everything together.  They would play outside till late at night, go on walks together and find the most delicious grass to eat.

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The three little goats had to look after themselves and one another, because they had nobody else.  They never knew their dad and their mom was killed by hunters.

The oldest of the three, Billy, felt very protective of his two little brothers and promised them that he would always look after them.

They lived in the part of the forest where there were more than enough food to eat, but one day a terrible fire broke out and burned down most of the forest.

The 3 little goats were now very worried, because almost all the grass was gone and soon there would be nothing for them to eat.

One day the smallest goat called Pinny came running towards his brothers and told them as fast as he could he found a wonderful place with lots and lots of green grass,

but there was one problem...

they had to cross the bridge to get to the green grass.  

This sounds very easy to do, but underneath the bridge lived the meanest giant you can think of and he NEVER allows any one to cross the bridge.

If an animal or person tried to cross the bridge, he would scare them so much that they ran away and never came back....

The goats were getting more and more hungry by the day.  The had to think of a plan how to get to the green grass on the other side of the bridge.

Billy had a plan, which he quickly shared with his brothers.  They all agreed that is was a great plan, and off they went to go and face the giant.

As soon as they reached the bridge and started walking over it, they first heard a horrible rumbling sound and the next moment they saw the big giant coming towards them and, shouting "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? THIS IS MY BRIDGE."

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Pinny and his brother was so scared they just wanted to run away, but Billy told them to stand still and remember what they spoke about.

The giant came closer and closer and even though the goats' legs were shaking underneath them, they did not move.

The giant waved his arms and made scary noises, but then Billy spoke softly but very clearly...

"Giant, why are you so cross?  You must be very lonely and have no friends, because you just want to bully everybody and not share anything with them.

Don't you think it will be better to be friendly and share and have a lot of friends?  Being kind will make you much happier."

The giant could not believe his ears.  Nobody has ever spoken to him like that, people or animals would always just run away.

The giant started crying and said "I am so lonely, I really want friends.  Please help me and I will let you eat from the grass on the other side of the bridge."

Billy told the giant that if he wanted friends he first of all had to be a good friend, he also had to be kind to others, care for them and share things with them and never forget to also be kind to himself and most importantly NOT bully anybody.

Billy drew a picture that the giant could keep and look at every day to remind him to be kind and a good friend.


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From that day forward, the giant became a kind, loving person and all the animals and people bacame his friends, because the giant stopped being a bully and instead he cared about everybody.

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I love this. Thank you.

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