Real life heroes - Worksheet for kids

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We all have heroes in our lives.  People that we look up to, that does good things.  

It can be a person who saves lives or just someone that you love a lot and are good to you.  It can be a person who saves and cares for animals.


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It does not only have to be a person who has special powers, like a super hero, it can be a normal person that just makes life better and are kind and caring.  It can also be a well-known person.

According to Google this is the meaning of the word "Hero" 

a person who is admired or idealized for courage, 

outstanding achievements, or noble qualities
  • What does it mean if you idealize somebody?
  • Do you think that having courage only means you have to do big things?  What small things that somebody does can be a sign of courage?
  • Do you see yourself as a hero?  Why do you say that?

We often think that only people that do big things or saves lives are hero, but anybody can be a hero.   

  • Have a look at the fun video and write down the ways in which you can be an "everyday hero".


Lets think about people around us who do jobs everyday where they get to save people.  Like a firefighter or a doctor or a policeman.  

These people are suppose to place the well being of other people in front of their own.

Have a look at why firefighters are heroes.


Your mom and dad or other family members that care for you can also be your hero, because it is important for them that you are happy.

  • Choose somebody who is your hero and write a story about them - why do you say they are your hero, what do they do that makes you love them a lot etc.
  • Read the following story and answer the questions.

Sophie and her friends were playing outside and they saw smoke coming from the hill.  Sophie told her friends that they will have to call the firefighters.

Her friends just laughed and said: "Maybe it is just somebody making a fire up on the hill."  

Sophie was not happy at all and thought it was a bad idea if somebody were making a fire on such a windy day.

Sophie decided that she was going to go home and call the firefighters just in case.  

When she got home she did not see her mom but she found her cellphone.  

By now the fire was getting bigger and Sophie dialed the emergency number and told the man that answered her name, address and what the problem was.

After a while the firefighters came and put the fire out.

The people in the town were very happy that Sophie was so alert and saw the fire and that it did not spread to the town or the farms and burn down the houses or the crops.

All the people were laughing and shouting "Sophie is our hero."

  1. What did Sophie's friends do?
  2. What did Sophie do right?
  3. Do you know the number you need to phone if a fire started somewhere?
  4. Have you ever helped anybody?  What happened and what did you do?

It is very important that we are "everyday heroes" by doing small or big things for other people. If we are kind and caring and helpful, we are surely wonderful heroes.

  • Watch this video on people that care about others and help them.


  • For fun - Imagine you can be any super hero you want to be with your own super powers.  
  • You must decide on a name for yourself, what powers do you have, why do you have those powers and design your super hero outfit and decide on how you will use your powers for doing good.  
  • Use your imagination and enjoy.
  • Watch the video if you need some inspiration.


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