Gregory wants to play rugby - A funny story and questions for kids

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Gregory was very excited.  They were moving to a new town and he had to attend a new school.

He loved his old school and the friends he had there, but it was time for a new adventure.

He told his dad that he would like to play rugby at his new school, so his dad took him to go and buy some gear which he would need if he started playing rugby.


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He bought Gregory some cleats which they called boots, a rugby shirt of his favorite team, shoulder pads,some socks, shorts and also a rugby ball.

Gregory could not wait to start practice.  

It was still holiday but he knew if he started practicing early, he would be fit and ready by the time school started.

His dad helped him a lot with practising to kick and pass the ball.  They even practiced scrumming and made sure that Gregory knew all the rules of rugby.

Gregory enjoyed all this running and kicking and scrumming a lot, expecially if he could tackle his little brother and you would just see dust go up in the air.

Gregory was as ready as can be.

The  first day back at school when the bell rang for the end of school,  Gregory made sure he quickly ran to the rugby field so that he could try out for the team.  He was so prepared and knew he stood a great change to be chosen for the team.

To his surprise, there were no rugby field, just a soccer field and the kids standing around with their soccer balls just stared at the odd shaped ball he had in his hands.........?


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Answer the following questions in your own words:

  1. Who is the main character in the story?
  2. What sport does he love?
  3. How did his dad help him to get ready for playing on the rugby team?
  4. What gear did Gregory get?
  5. How do you think he felt when he saw the kids with their soccer balls?
  6. What could he and his dad have done to avoid this situation?
  7. Why do you think the other kids just stared at the ball in his hands?
  8. What is the difference between a rugby and a soccer ball?
  9. Choose any sport that you would like to play, explain in your own words how the game is played and how do you score.
  10. Draw a picture of what you think Gregory looked like with his rugby gear on.

Have a look at the video and make sure you are always a good sport.  It is not always about winning.  It is about having fun and doing your best and accepting (but not stop trying) it when somebody else is better that you at a certain sport.


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