Children story - The biggest pizza

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Mrs Brown was a wonderful mother and wife.  She cared  a lot for her children Peter and Suzy and also her husband Tim.

She made sure that their clothes were always clean, they had tasty lunches for school and work, had lovely dinners to eat every night and most of all she made sure that they felt loved and special.


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No matter what she made for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there was one thing that this family loved more than anything and that was pizza.  

Whenever Mrs Brown baked some pizza, they would just gobble it up and ask for more.  It was like they could never get enough.


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Mrs Brown decided that there is only one thing to do and that is to bake the biggest pizza in the whole world.  So big that it will be enough for her whole family and there will even be left over.

Luckily the Browns had a truck that Mrs Brown could drive to go and buy all the ingredients for the humongous pizza that she was planning to bake.  

She called Suzy and told her about her plan.  Suzy was very excited but was also a bit worried because she did not really know how this whole "baking of the largest pizza" will work.

When they got to the shop Mrs Brown told Suzy "You better bring a few trolleys, because we are going to buy a lot of ingredients!"

And her mom was not kidding.  

Suzi helped push the trolley and tried counting what her mom was buying.  It was such a lot of stuff, that she stopped counting at

  • 10 bags of flour
  • 5 liters of milk
  • 7 blocks of cheese
  • 12 tins of tomatoes 
  • 12 eggs
  • a lot of ham and salami
  • 10 pineapples

"I think we have everything now Suzy", Mrs Brown said "and why do you look so worried?" she asked Suzy who was stading with a frown on her forehead staring at the trolleys.

"We have all the ingredients for a huge pizza, but we only have a small stove and mixer at home.  How are you going to bake such a huge pizza?"

Mrs Brown just smiled and told Suzy she must not worry, because she had a plan.

When they left the shop they drove to the factory just down the road that baked lots and lots of bread every day.  Mrs Brown spoke to the owner of the factory and told him about her plan.  She knew that they would have extra large mixing bowls, mixers, pans and a huge stove.

The owner of the factory was very excited that somebody was going to bake something else than bread in his factory.  He gave Mrs Brown all the utensils she needed, but he had one request...

"You have so many ingredients that you can bake two pizzas.  You can use everything you need in the factory, but will you please bake an extra one for me, bacause I love pizza."

Mrs Brown had no problem with this and quickly you were just seeing her! working and mixing and running around like a little machine.  Everybody just stared at her with fascination and could not wait to see how the pizza came out.

O! Were they suprised to see the end result.  

A homongous, golden brown pizza were taken out of the oven.  They could not stop staring and the smell made their mouths water.


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"May I please have a bite?" the factory owner asked.  Mrs Brown cut a piece from the huge pizza and gave it to him.  After he tasted it he said. "This is the best pizza I have ever eaten in my whole life!!"

Mrs Brown was very happy to hear this and she and Suzy loaded the other pizza onto the truck.

When they got home the rest of the family were waiting and could not contain their excitement when they saw the huge pizza.

This was the first time that everybody had enough pizza and did not ask for more and there were even left over for the next day...

The next thing that Mrs Brown is going to bake at the factory is a huge bread to use to make sandwiches for the whole neighborhood.

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