Animals are useful - Worksheet for kids

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All around us we find animals - It is our duty as humans to take care of animals and protect them.

Some animals are on earth because we can use them in certain ways.


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We can get products from them like eggs or honey or wool and some animals are used to work like a donkey pulling a cart or a horse we can ride on.

It does not mean that if we use certain animals to help us, that we do not have to be kind and look after them. Remember that animals also have feelings and the better you care for them, the more they will work for you.

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We need animals in order to survive.  We can get food from them so that we can eat it and get strong and stay healthy. We can also use animal products for making clothes.

Look at the examples of the following animals and the products they give us or how they help us

  • Cows can be used to give us milk, meat and leather.
  • Bees can be used to give us honey and to pollinate flowers.

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  • Chicken and ducks can be used to give us meat and eggs and their feathers can be used to stuff pillows.


  • Sheep can give us meat and also wool to make clothes.


  • Donkeys and mules and horses can be used to pull a cart, to carry stuff and to ride on.
  • Dogs can be used for different jobs like being a guard dog, a service dog for somebody that is blind or deaf or they can herd cattle or sheep and even be used as sniffer dogs to find drugs.


Complete the following tasks or answer the questions

  • Find a picture of each of the examples of the animals as well as the products they give us or the service they deliver.
  • How does your family use animals?
  • Do you love animals?  Which animals are you favourite and why do you think it is a good thing to be kind to animals.
  • How can you use honey?  Read here for extra information on the many uses of honey.
  • Do you like eggs?  Explain how to boil eggs.  If you do not know, watch the video and then tell someone or try it yourself. Be careful that you do not burn yourself if you do this.


  • Watch the video on how animals can help us.


Sometimes we hear stories about wild animals that also help people, out of their own.

  • For enrichment: Read the different stories here on how dolphins have helped people.
  • You can also re-tell these stories to your friends after you have read it.


  • Write your own story on any animal that you like or that you use for products or have helped you in any way.

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