Volcanoes - Information and activity for kids

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Have you ever seen photos or pictures of a mountain that has an opening at the top where stuff flows out that looks like orange syrup and then it flows down the side of the mountain? 

Above the opening you can see a lot of sparks and you just know that 'orange syrup' is very hot.

We are talking about a 'volcano' - if you have never seen any pictures of a volcano, go and find some pictures. 

  • Watch the video on an 'erupting' volcano and answer the questions.


  1. Name a few features you can find on Earth.
  2. What is magma?
  3. When will magma rise to the surface?
  4. How is a volcano formed?
  5. When will it become a erupting volcano?
  6. Name a few famous volcanoes.

There are a few different parts that you will find inside the volcano.  

Under the ground/crust you will find a large pool of magma and this is called the 'magma chamber' (A room full of magma).

If the lava is pushed up to the surface, the moment it comes out at the top, it is called 'lava'.

At the top of the volcano you will find a round shaped opening which is called the 'crater'.

The volcano will 'spit out' other things besides the lava like gas, ash and steam.


There are two types of volcanoes

'Composite and Shield' volcanoes.  The composite volcano has very steep sides and the lava does not flow very far because the lava is 'sticky'.  The shield volcanoes has 'runny' lava and will spread out over a large area.

The effect that a volcanic eruption can have on an area

If a volcano erupts, it can cause a lot of damage to the area and people and animals living close to it.  Homes can be destroyed, petrol stations can blow up, people can get very sick and even die from either getting caught in the deadly lava or living in an area where everything was destroyed and do not have fresh water.

It is good to be prepared if you are ever in a country or area where there are volcanoes.  Read the safety measures for extra information https://www.ready.gov/volcanoes


For fun you can build your own volcano.  Decide what materials you will use for that and also do research what you can use to create the lava and make your volcano 'erupt'.

For an idea, watch the video - you can make it any way you want.



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