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A lot of things that adults do can be unhealthy.  They can be passive and prefer watching TV over going outside and getting some exercise, they can smoke or drink too much or drink too many pain pills.


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Al of these things have an effect on their health and it can be scary for you to watch your parents live this way.  We all want out parents to be healthy and live a long life.

If you are in this situation and fearing for your parent's health, here are a few tips on how to talk to them about it.

What would you like to share with them?


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Most parents will listen and make the changes if they know it is important to you. 

The first thing that you need to do is think about what exactly is bothering you and what you would like to discuss with your parents and tell them what changes you would like them to make.

You must also think about how you will be willing to help them - if you want them to exercise more, you must set an example and not be cooped up in your room the whole day.

You must also understand that most people will react negatively if you attack them or make them feel bad about themselves, so think carefully about how you are going to encourage them and tell them what it is that bothers you.

Treat you parents in the way you want to be treated


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You cannot expect your parents to listen to you or take you serious if you go in all guns blazing and start making demands and treating them without respect.

It is very important that you treat them in the way you would like to be treated.

Pick a time when everyone is relaxed and in a good mood and voice your concerns and your reasons why you feel that they need to change their habits and live a healthier life.

Do not just drop hints, but tell them exactly what you want, without making them feel bad.  Tell them that it is because you love them that you would like to see the changes.

You can also assure them that you will help them in any way possible and join in any venture they take on.  If they are willing to make changes, you are willing to help and join in.  If you want them to exercise more, you can suggest that you as a family go for a walk after dinner, or you will clean out the fridge and cupboard of unhealthy snacks.

If they agree, come up with a plan


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Now for the part after they have listened and realized that it is for their own benefit.  How will you help them?

If they have to eat healthier, you can work out an eating plan and also help with the grocery shopping that they are not alone and will buy unhealthy food or eat it before they get home.

If you want them to stop smoking, you can do some research on ways to help them to quit or be there for them is they feel they are going to fail.

Work together on a plan where both of you are involved and feel it will work for both of you and let them become committed to the changes they are willing to make.

Do not expect a miracle over night and understand that if they are only prepared to make one small change at a time it will also help.  Every small step forward is a step in the right direction.

If they are planning to get more exercise or eat less you can also help them to keep a diary with what they eat every day or what exercises they do.

Encourage them a lot and do not judge if they "fall off the bus."  Rather tell them that you still believe that they can do it and you believe in them.  Nobody likes feeling like a failure.

Understand that nobody is perfect and in the same way that they forgive you for many things and put up with your moods, you must also encourage them to become a better version of themselves.  

Make sure they know that you appreciate the changes they are trying to make.

What if my parent do not listen to me or agree to my requests?

If your parents do not want to agree to or change certain things, you can ask them calmly to think about it and you can also say again that you are doing it out of love and they are important in your life, so you want them to be around for a long time to come.

You can also assure them that trying to work together to achieve a certain goal will bring you closer together.

Do not give up - if it is really important to you and you know that it will be better for them to change their lifestyle, you need to carry on trying.  Give it a little time and then speak to them again without nagging.  Eventually they will start to see how important it is to you.


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