Different Biomes - Worksheet for learners

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Think about what you will find in your garden, or in the sea or a rock pool.  


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You will find different animals and plants (which are living things) and also soil and rocks and water (which are non-living).   

These places where there is an interaction (working together) between the living and the non-living things is called an 'ecosystem'.

  • Watch the video and answer the questions


  1. What is an environment?
  2. Why will an organism need an environment?
  3. Which parts form the living part of the ecosystem?
  4. What is a habitat?
  5. How do living things depend on one another?
  6. What are the two main parts an ecosystem can be divided into?
  7. Give two examples of an aquatic ecosystem.
  8. What can cause changes in an ecosystem?
  9. How can an ecosystem be destroyed?
  10. What must humans take care of and why?

All over the world we find different types of ecosystems with specific types of plants and animals that live there. These are called 'Biomes'.

In a Biome, there will be a specific climate and soil and the plants and animals have adapted so that they can live here. for instance the plants and animals in a Desert Biome have adapted to live with little water.


There are different types of Biomes across the world and each one has specific features:

  1. Rainforest
  2. Grassland or Savannah
  3. Desert
  4. Mediterranean
  5. Deciduous Forest
  6. Coniferous Forest
  7. Tundra 
  8. Mountain
  9. Polar
  • You are going to do your own research on any two of the Biomes (you can choose more).  For each one you must
  1. Say where it is found.
  2. What the climate is like.
  3. An example of two types of animals you will find here.
  4. An example of two types of plants (if any) that you will find here.


This is just the introduction so that you understand what a biome is.  We will be looking in detail at 4 biomes in the next few days and learn more about each.



Studying ecosystem is very important, some of these organisms make our living possible, for instance when you consider certain things.

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