The DIARY GAME - **‘This Is Me’** Introductory Post for The Diary Game'(June 27,2020)

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Hello...Steem lovers and whalepower community

Maybe I'm a little late to take part in the weekly contest held by @steemitblog, The DIARY GAME - ‘This Is Me’ Introductory Post for The Diary Game' (June 27, 2020)



Born with a name; Wira
Yes ... my name is quite short, just four letters, that is: W-I-R-A
Born on Friday 27 November 1990 from a very simple family, my parents are named; Ibrahim, and my mother is named; Aini
Born in the village of Sp.kutablang - Lhokseumawe City


My current status is a mother with two children.
Spending my single life married at the end of 2015 was my life choice to have a household with a husband who was an employee in a company engaged in the cultivation of Vaname shrimp which is currently trending among pond farmers.


My Job
After graduation and getting a bachelor's degree because for now only I can go to college to college in my family, after graduation I hope to quickly get a job and work comfortably, looking for and collecting money little by little to make a business of my own.
And currently I am a consultant engaged in building design services (architecture) in the company "Join Consultant".
Honestly, I want to raise the economic status of my family, make my family happy, send my siblings to school. One word for this hope is that there is no impossible word as long as you have the intention and want to try. With Allah's permission, I will be able to rule the world. Aamiin


My Hobby
Besides having a hobby of traveling and culinary tasting.
I am a woman who likes to plant flowers in a house.
I also like to write, write what I feel in my daily life that I pour in daily diarrhea.
Having joined the Lhokseumawe Literary community, I dreamed of being able to publish a novel.
That's a little about me to complete this contest.
The DIARY GAME - ‘This Is Me’ Introductory Post for The Diary Game


Important note from me to my steemian friends and interesting info from me today.

Since joining the @wiralhokseumawe account at the beginning of 2018. I have been on steem for more than 2 years with my new account @wira8788. With a span of almost 3 years, I certainly experienced a lot of ups and downs in the Steemit ocean, from the loss of interest in writing because the price dropped to the internal complications that have occurred here. But I'm happy to be here because steem has become one with my daily life.

In my opinion right now is the perfect time to join steem. That is because at the moment @steemitblog is giving quite a large amount of curation for steem user accounts who write about the challenge "100 DAYS OF STEEM" held by @steemitblog, and this has entered 83th day, this is an interesting impression for promote STEEM


I also want to add an interesting information to join in the competition held by Mr. @bullionstackers with the theme "Competition The Hunt Color Contest Hunt Hunt - Pink / red Item."
With the following requirements;

▪ You are required to write 20 or more words in the post
▪ Photo Series (Each photo must have a date) / photo with the date it was taken
▪ Photos with red / pink objects.
▪ Post your posts in the #whalepower community with the #huntcomp tag.

What are you waiting for, Yok ... Thank you
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Thanks Mr @bullionstackers

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Lhokseumawe, June / 27/2020

@wira8788 By;


Thank you for taking part in the latest 100 Days of Steem Challenge.

We look forward to reading your posts in The Diary Game.

The Steemit Team

I am happy to be here and want to continue to promote STEEM to many people.
Thank you for your support @steemcurator01