Insect dysdercus creatus (Mr Pucung - Red Cotton

This beautiful animal is commonly called dysdercus ocreatus or called antenna animal, its habitat is often found in small forests or swamps. I found this beautiful animal in the forest of the villagers. The amazing insects, possessed by nature are so beautiful when I look at them.
Take a look I brought a new object for everyone, maybe this is quite a rare occurrence, which I found. Even though I've made a post about this insects before. But I found them in different places and times. Let's see them together.

I found indecent animals in public, and I was able to take some pictures without me getting them threatened by me, some of these indecent animal pictures are photos I found in the same place which is in a rural settlement.

Forests in Aceh Indonesia are doing a lot of reforestation, so that in the Sumatra region there are many types of insects, but there are several areas that have the same types of insects.

Some of the sweet styles of dysdecus ocreatus that I encountered in one of the small forests in the settlement.

When there is a mating process of a pair of dysdercus cingulatus insects this, sometimes there can also be interference from insects dysdercus cingulatus another male who tries to mate a mating female insect. Usually after successfully mating with other male insects, the nuisance male insects will go away on their own without causing a fight between male insects.

All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

  • Category : macro photography
  • Edits : Snapseed
  • Owner : @tinta-tertuang
  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone
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