Dysdercus ocreatus || Orange macro stack!!!

This beautiful animal is commonly called dysdercus ocreatus or called antenna animal, its habitat is often found in small forests or swamps. I found this beautiful animal in the forest of the villagers.

For me this is the first time I have encountered such an extraordinary image, do you think I did a good job? to get this picture.

If we talk about scientific ecosystems, animals are also like humans who need to eat and drink and everything, but some people do not know that nature without animals has no function of plants (flora and fauna) because their habitat does not increase, their plants and animals are couples or forest contents without them the forest does not function.

Insect ecosystems that are often found in residential areas. Insects also have a tremendous diversity in size, shape and behavior. The success of insect life on earth would be greatly increased if forests were not cut down by humans. The insect size is relatively small and also has the ability to fly most types of insects. Its relatively small size means that it needs to eat relatively little and it is easier to get protection from prey attacks. Insects also have the ability to reproduce more rapidly in a short time, and with genetic diversity with adaptability, many types of insects are pests of cultivated crops, which are able to rapidly develop resistance properties to insecticides.

Dysdercus ocreatus babies are thought to be one week old or more.!

Several types of insects are also beneficial for human life such as honey bees, silkworms and natural enemies of pests or plant-destroying insects, even as food for other creatures, including humans. We know insects from aspects that are detrimental to human life because many of them become pests that destroy and eat agricultural crops and carry various diseases such as malaria. Their biology and behavior can control insect life.

Invertebrate life is truly extraordinary in the wild with a variety of ways to adapt. And their daily activities are eating and drinking and reproducing.

All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

  • Category : macro photography
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  • Owner : @tinta-tertuang
  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone
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