Drought massacre || Burnt mushrooms !!!

For me looking for something unique is indeed very difficult, especially now that you can say this is the dry season. It rained in just a few minutes. When I walked to my uncle's house, I found hard brown mushrooms, some of the mushrooms had died and some withered from drought.

What I often find in January, January is a month that often rains, almost 4 weeks of rain continues to flush the city, at that time, mushrooms grow everywhere. Fallen trees are the main place for fungi to reproduce normally.

Mushrooms die from lack of water. The wood pile rotted to dust.

The tiny baby moths attack the withered fungus. They become pests when plants wither, within days without water infiltration the fungi become extinct.

This is my journey today with a few simple pictures. If you want to take among these pictures of mushrooms. And you can give the appropriate credit to the owner, and I will allow it.

All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

  • Category : macro photography
  • Edits : Snapseed
  • Owner : @tinta-tertuang
  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone
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