The Diary Game 10-07-2020 (Friday)

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Looking good is also a good business so that's was why I decided to have a hair cut today. Although it wasn't part of the original plan I had in mind when I woke up today. In fact, I have no plans for today actually, all I do most times is just wake up from my bed, prepare noodle and egg to eat, then I settle down to watch movies from my laptop. I feel that should be considered as a plan also too.

That was what I had in mind but today actually planet different. I already made a friend at ondo states, Nigeria does he paid me a visit today around 2 pm and during the course of the conversation, I noticed how neatly cut and styled his hair was. So I enquiry about where he got his hair cut then he decided to take me to the barber salon himself.

The journey to the saloon didn't take much time as we were able to get approximately 10 minutes after leaving my residence at 4 pm. On getting to the saloon, I noticed the saloon was sophisticated and I was shocked as to how such a saloon will survive in that environment because the environment could be seen as a little bit local.

Unlike in Lagos state where I come from, barbing saloons charge high amount of money for having hair shaved and when the saloon is sophisticated such as this, the amount charged will be higher. So, I was shocked when I was charged a ridiculously low amount of money to get my hair trimmed at this saloon. Anyways I gladly paid and sat comfortably on the barber's chair awaiting my haircut.

While I was on the chair about cutting my hair, I instructed them on how I want the haircut to look like and the outcome wasn't disappointing as I felt brand new. At some point while checking out the haircut the barber had done on my hair, I felt like I cheated him by paying the fee I paid for the hair but he wasn't complaining about the fee.


After cutting my hair, I stayed back a little to charge my phone and when it was around 6 pm, I started making my way home alone because my friend who brought me to the Barbershop already left for his house for something urgent (still yet to find out what it was). I got home around 7 pm after making a stop at the close by store to buy food items to eat for the night and I gisted a little about football with the store owner (by the way, I am a Chelsea fan).

I relaxed a bit by watching movies on my system, it's becoming a daily addiction and I sincerely love it. Around 8 pm, made my way into the kitchen and prepared my dinner. After eating, I went back to watch just one more movie before going to bed at exactly 11 pm. That's exactly how the day went

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How much was the haircut?

One more diary post to go for July 11th before the Game ends.

The Steemit Team

The hair cut was just #300 naira. That approximately just 5 steem

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