The image of a fallen tree trunk

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"Fallen tree trunk"

**Galaxy M20**

Fallen tree trunk


This is a big tree trunk. Probably an acacia tree or a tree of another species. However it is located in a park. This is a photo taken many years ago, about two years ago. This tree was uprooted mainly due to the storm.

However, the tree did not die completely as some of the roots remained in the ground, but it was broken from the agar side of the tree. From the base of this tree, new roots and stems have sprouted and spread.

The scene is strange and natural beauty, even though the tree is still alive. There are some species of trees that survive even when they die. The plants are mainly trying to survive by absorbing soil sap from the roots.

Basically all kinds of plants are these by photosynthesis. All of this is a natural phenomenon, grows naturally and then naturally breaks down due to a natural disaster.

At that time I went for a walk in this lake park with a friend of mine and while walking I saw it lying somewhere in the side of the lake. Then I went to the fallen tree trunk and captured some pictures on my phone camera.


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