100 DAYS OF STEEM : DAY 1 - Wednesday Challenge - Stare at the Beautiful Sunrise and Share a Little Goodness Study

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Maybe all of you friends have a walk to see the beautiful sea view and always feel comfortable to visit. Of the many people on this earth, the sea may be a priority place to be visited.There is something I want to share with friends, namely how beautiful the sky is when the sun rises, which is seen in the northeast. Maybe all of your friends have traveled to the sea, but not all of your friends have seen how the sun rises as seen from the vast ocean. A little I want to share the moments that I capture through the all-round android glasses that I have.

Maybe you've been to the sea to see the beautiful atmosphere of a clear sky underneath there is always colored water with the touch of the waves.
From every shining beam of sky I always become a momentum to take action using Android, maybe I don't have a perfect camera but I'm still passionate about trying my best.



Maybe at this time a fairly small amount of the results of my shots that I sell because my android is still very limited to bear the burden of the results of the captured images or images that are accommodated. And also one day I will share the best with the concern of all friends to make me grow more in the future.



Thus whatever becomes my limitation is the real truth in every corner of the shortage. If one day it still does not meet my needs, I will always try my best, even your kindness will always be remembered forever.

"In eternity, good will always always be the first priority in life"

Thank you so much And all Kindness is Your

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