A story of Vikram Sarabhai and Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

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Self-educated means are well-educated. The significance of the word is immense. Although formal education may seem valuable at first glance, it is worthless if it does not contain human and human education. Self-realization is a true education. I remember a story in this context. I want to share it with you today.

The day was a beautiful afternoon. A man wore a dhoti and a sheet sitting on the beach in Chennai reciting The Gita in his mind. Once a young man came there. Seeing the young man reciting The Gita, he smiled softly and said, Reading. Which has no scientific explanation? Why are you wasting time reading this unscientific book where people are reaching the moon? "

The man once looked at the young man with a smile and said, "You can read it too. There are infinite peace and wisdom in it."

Hearing this, the young man smiled a lot and said that you did not know that I am a science student. I am a student of Vikram Sarabhai Research Center. I am a devotee of science. Why should I read this meaningless book?

The man smiled a little but did not answer. The young man was surprised at the stupidity of this man. In this way, some time passed. At once two big cars came and stopped.

The young man saw that there were 4 armed men in a car. A man in a security suite got down from the other car and opened the car door and saluted. The man who was reading the Gita then reached the car and entered the car through the open door.

The young man was very surprised to see this unexpected scene. The young thought of the man as an ordinary blind pious man who was so respectable! The young man ran to the car and asked, "Who are you?"

The man replied," I am Vikram Sarabhai".

Then the young man's attitude changed. After reciting the Gita, the young man had taken a vow to eat vegetarian all his life. The young man was none other than the former President of India and famous scientist Dr. APJ Abdul kalam.

He said in one of his speeches that Gita is an excellent science text.

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