Rules of Competition The Hunt Color Contest Treasure Hunt - Pink/Red Item. 26/6/2020.

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Hello everyone.
In my post this time I want to share the good news that comes directly from Mr. @bullionstackers


Mr. @bullionstackers is very eager to see various types of flowers / objects that are red or pink.
Today I found a tool my mother used to brush clothes.
Hah ... the clothes brush really looks very worn, I plan to buy a new clothes brush for my mother.


To participate in the Competition
Color Hunting Contest
Treasure Hunt - Pink / Red Item.
You must follow the following requirements:

  1. Text of at least 20 words or more.
  2. Photo Series (One photo must have a date).
  3. Photos must have an object in red / pink.
  4. Must Send to the Whalepower Community with the #huntcomp tag.

What are you waiting for?
Immediately wake up and look for red or pink.
Mr. @bullionstackers must be very pleased with your efforts.

Competition Initiation by the Whalepower Community.


Wow marvelous. I am lucky to meet this post. Thank for sharing.

Yes, you are welcome👍
You should look for red or pink quickly and post.

Mantap betul saudara ku,, terimakasih..

Terimakasih kembali.
Pegang tanganku dan kita terbang bersama 🤣🤣🤣

Ahahahhaha. 🐌

Ka ka ka 🤭😂😂😂

Mau ikutan bg
Thanks untuk imfonya

Thanks kembali 😁
Mantap 👍

Very excited to join the contest

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