One small bit on witnesses under the current transition

in Tyr nan Noght4 months ago

according to the me's , and the other me's ...

Its more like a bit of a statement

i had un-voted ALL witnesses a while ago to see who did what and at the moment i am unclear since it's way too early to see who does what ... I appreciate the Curie vote ofcourse but i don't want my vote to be bought (unless it comes with six zeroes ofcourse) .. OFCOURSE !

its a bit like crime there : if you do it , don't do it for a few thousand, do it for the zeroes cos it might cost your life and future

(a bit)

but nobodies gonna give me a million dollar for a witness vote on steemit so that's theoretical dark matter


un-related to the game :

  • i have always considered it unethical to vote for witnesses with more than one account and i wont be doing that now either
  • i will wait for a while before i vote anyone at all for witness to so who DOES what, not who promises what ... and
  • this is a game-feed, for a hobby project, hence its neutral , i won't be doing the witness voting from this one

and : if you wanna buy my vote for a million dollar ?

i'll give you my bank number

all serious ... (including the last bit ...)