Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest by @ARTSteemit: Announcement of the winners of the week #5 and the beginning of the week #6

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Attention! The contest has been extended until June 17th.

Арт объекты конкурс.jpeg

Hello, friends! Today we congratulate the winners of the 5th week of our contest and start the 6th week. We are very happy that you find and publish more and more new and interesting art objects for us. Stories about them appear.

Attention!! Participants who have posted only a photo without an explanatory text (at least 1-2 sentences) will no longer receive incentive prizes.


1 place - 8 STEEM

2 place - 6 STEEM

3 place - 4 STEEM

Congratulations to the winners!

1 place - @antikus369

The park of art objects, which is located in Russia, in the Kaluga region - Nikola Lenivets. Thank you for your interesting story. I really wanted to go there!




2 place - @may2015

These art objects are drawings of a Novgorod boy who lost all his school books, which had lain in the ground for 700 years and were found by archaeologists in July 1956 at the Nerevsky excavation site in Veliky Novgorod. A total of 12 birch bark certificates and several drawings on birch bark. These drawings made Onfim the most famous child of Veliky Novgorod of the XIII century.




2 place - @tayetaiwo

A girl's head made out of newspaper and spoons!



3 place - @vipnata

Adam and Eve by the Colombian artist and sculpture Fernando Botero, who works in the technique of figurativism.




Prizes of author's sympathies - 2 STEEM









Contest participants receive 1 STEEM - @tinochka2, @zhongnanxiaoyu, @alexandracruz, @myyolo, @abundancelife, @inmyheart, @hae-ra, @afunkycares, @roshanee, @bellana, @zhangyan-123



We are starting a new week of the Amazing Art Around contest

The 6-week contest ends on Thursday, June 17 at 16: 00 Moscow time


  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community, but use tag #artsteemit
  • Title of every entry must contain "Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"
  • Each participant can only post one photo per week
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post

If you are writing a separate post, then do not forget to tag your country so that the curators of the countries can find your post and vote for it!

I invite our team of curators to support this contest @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators


Логотип Артстимит.png


Поздравляю победителей!
@veta-less мое участие в конкурсе:
Автором скульптуры "Русалочка" является скульптор Сергей Сбитниев из Украины.
Эту скульптуру я сфотографировала при посещении парка скульптур на Кипре.


Чудесная Русалочка!!!

Спасибо, Тиночка!!!

Ой, какая прелесть...у нас тоже есть русалочка в пансионате...


Поздравляю всех победителей! Огромное спасибо, @veta-less, за приз! Сегодня были с мужем в центре города и сфотографировали вот такую красавицу:

ГРАФФИТИ 202.jpg

А у меня беленькая, для разнообразия :-)
Удачи в конкурсе!

ух ты! африканца!

Ага, в Запорожье!)))

Чудо, как хороша, эта красавица!

Спасибо! Чуть мимо не проехали!))) Пришлось возвращаться!)))

@tinochka2 Ради этого фото стоило! Мне очень понравилось!

Вот вот, что ни сделаешь ради Стимит.
Я также поступаю, когда вижу что-то красивое..

Hermosos colores @tinochka2

Чего у вас только нет...надо же...

It's called "Atlas" which is a bronze statue in Rockefeller Center, within the International Building's courtyard, in Midtown Manhattan in New York City in U.S.. Atlas is depicted carrying the celestial vault on his shoulders in Greek mythology.

Hope u like it!
Have a good day!

Genial tu fotografía @abundancelife

Congratulations to all the winners

Thank you @veta-less for the prize of sympathy

My entry this week :

Iron curtain or chain sculpture is located out of house of terror in budapest and it refers to to the enslavement of people to the Iron Curtain which descended onto certain European countries post WW2.


Hi, @veta-less ,this is my picture, I hope you like it! This is a stone carved wall with relief technology, located in Xinanli District, Nanjing, China.

Hi! What is this wall, where is it located? Unfortunately, in the following awards, we will not be able to support an entry- photo without a small description (1-2 sentences at least)

ok,I will give a description,thanks!

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Поздравляю всех победителей! Спасибо за приз, очень рада. И обязательно продолжу мое участие...

Спасибо, Наталья! Мне так нравятся ваши посты с рассказами про разные интересные штуки)

Спасибо большое.

Спасибо за участие :) да можно любое сообщество :)

Вам спасибо :) Постараюсь еще что-нибудь интересное отыскать!

Thanks, and congratulations to everyone

Hola @veta-less me complace participar en este concurso, siempre es un reto. Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!


"Tu que sufres, compara si tu dolor es superior al mío"
Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Socorro, Retiro-Buenos Aires

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores! Mi entrada esta semana @veta-less. Un paseo que realice al Parque Temático Tierra Santa Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tierre Santa.jpg

It is aboriginal wood carving from Taiwan, which is located in the building of New Taipei city government.
This wood carving aims to promote the culture of aboriginal people in Taiwan.
Hope you like it!

Thank you for evaluating my work and a prize.

спасибо за приз!

Спасибо за рассказ про мальчика ))) Очень захотела съездить)

Hola a todos aquí dejo mi entrada de esta semana!
Tumba de Liliana Crociati de Szaszak esta ubicado en el Cementerio de la Recoleta Buenos Aires, Argentina.


There are numerous art work in the palace of Oba Ayetoro located in Ogun State Nigeria.

I bring to you two cats staring at each other, this artwork was made by an Egyptian (the name wasn't given) according to what I heard from the people around the palace it was gifted to the current king fore fathers.


My sincere thanks to @veta-less for organizing this contest. Please find my entry for this contest below-



As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have upvoted and re-steemed this announcement.



This is the first time I am participating in this contest, today I bring to you a Rabbit made with iron part, it is located in my school library it was made by some art student.. it very beautiful I hope you guys like it.

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