Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest by @ARTSteemit: Announcement of the winners of the week #4 and the beginning of the week #5

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Hi friends!

I am summing up the results of the weekly competition. I am glad that you find and post interesting art objects. Today, among the winners, there will be arts dedicated to serious topics.

Any participant can take part in the contest!


1 place - 8 STEEM

2 place - 6 STEEM

3 place - 4 STEEM

Congratulations to the winners of this week!

1 place - @mato445

This is the view of the head sculpture of a Famous Doctor in Lagos who died of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected the entire world. And first of all, doctors who save patients. This is a real feat. I am writing and I am sad.



2 place - @zaria56

Monument to teachers. I have never met them. Thank you Olga for showing us such a monument. Recently, there was a terrible incident in Russia when a student burst into a school with a gun and started shooting. Two teachers died. One teacher died because she tried to shield the students.



3 place - @alexandracruz

A sculpture created as a message to people suffering from anorexia. This is a very serious and dangerous disease. I wish them health. The sculpture is located in the Centro Cultural de Recoleta en Buenos Aires, Argentina



We're done with serious topics. Now individual works and awards of author's sympathy! :) - 2 STEEM


Thank you for sharing this sculpture with us. It looks very elegant!




In Sri lanka we use them in our traditional dances and in many festivals. It is called as Raksha mask which means demons. There are various types of these masks. They are painted with bright colors beautifully.

Thank you! These masks are so bright and colorful!




Digital processing of beautiful nature photography




Эта sculpture is titled "Fragments of rain" by the Venezuelan artist Carlos Medina.They are seven raindrops made of steel with a height of 6 meters.

This work is located in Caracas, Venezuela.



All other participants receive incentive prizes 1 STEEM - @tinochka2, @grecoloco, @jesuskin, @thecougar, @vipnata, @pocoloco01, @bellana, @nelsondoor, @vaibhavsan



We are starting a new week of the Amazing Art Around contest

The 5-week contest ends on Thursday, June 03 at 16: 00 Moscow time


  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community, but use tag #artsteemit
  • Title of every entry must contain "Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"
  • Each participant can only post one photo per week
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge
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If you are writing a separate post, then do not forget to tag your country so that the curators of the countries can find your post and vote for it!

I invite our team of curators to support this contest @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators


Логотип Артстимит.png


Congratulations to me and also all the other winners.

Thank you @veta-less for the prize

Gracias por el incentivo @veta-less para mi es un gusto participar en el concurso. Felicitaciones a los ganadores! Geniales obras

Muchas Gracias! felicidades a todos!✨

Hola @veta-less gracias! Felicitaciones a los ganadores!
Mi participación esta semana

Busto de Eva Peron en el Hospital con honor a su nombre. Buenos Aires-Argentina

Thank you very much!

Congratulations to all winners!
Я нашла ещё скульптуры, представлю их на конкурс.

Спасибо, Наташа)

Скульптуры, как по мне странноватые, но принцу Монако они нравятся, потому что он их покупает у какого-то скульптора и размещает на набережной возле казино.

Огромное спасибо за конкурс и за приз...неожиданно, но ТАК приятно!)

Оля, вам спасибо за участие! Очень трогательный памятник

This is my entry


This is my entry.

This is the sculpture of a great professor who was once a Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is Late Professor Adetokunbo Babatunde Sofoluwe. A Garden was also made in his name, called Adetokunbo Sofoluwe Park, where his statue is erected What3words

Thank you.

Congratulations to all winners. Greetings to you @veta-less. This is my participation. This was taken during my travel to Baguio City, Philippines.

The restoration and preservation of lion's head.

It is located along Kennon Road, a major highway that leads to Baguio. It was being conceptualized by the Lions Club members of Baguio to become the club's symbol or imprint in the area. It has undergone several coloration changes before restoring to its traditional gold and black color and after being damaged by vandalism and earthquake.

This contest will be included in a future edition of the daily #WinWithSteem contest listings...

Thank you @veta-less for the incentive prize and congratulations to all the winners

My entry this week : Statue made of soil pissing in Barceloneta beach

There was an African guy on the beach in Barceloneta, who was making these sculptures... he'd get angry if you tried to take a picture without leaving a tip.

To this day I can't figure out how he made that sculpture out of soil to pee on.



This is the famous car sculpture/ artwork at Socrates Sculpture Park of New York City!
Hope you like it!
45911348_10212715431630188_4336518089521758208_n - 複製.jpg

Wow, how interesting!

I really love this photo! so funny!

(National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan)
中正紀念堂 .jpg

Огромное спасибо за приз!!! Возле Драматического театра им В. Г. Магара в Запорожье.

Thank you for the prize

Hola! a todos, felicidades a los ganadores! espero estén bien, aquí dejo mi entrada. Saludos!

Floralis Genérica


A very sad sculpture, it was made by some artist in Ikoyi community this community one the biggest community affected by covid-19 in Lagos.
The youth and some other artist came together and made it

A symbol for survival during the covid-19 pandemic.

Anybody that look at this sculpture will surely thank God for the survival.


Hello, congratulations to all the winners.

Have you ever wonder using, newspaper, spoon and folks to make creative things?

One of the Most popular sculpture in Lagos, "The head sculpture of the first governor wife of Lagos State (Mrs Gbemisola Johnson).*

The sculpture was made with newspapers, spoon and folks


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