!!! New contest !!! PhotoBomb Challenge | 15 steem in prizes |

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Hello dear steemians!!!

There is a new chance to win some steem to win a prize and prove yourself in creativity. So don't miss a chance to be a winner!

Welcome to new contest/challenge PhotoBomb!!! Do not be afraid and do not be shy! Make yourself at home!


The idea of the competition is extremely simple. The participant needs to select some kind of photo on the Internet and place in this proposed image, the topic of the post. Today the topic of the post is Steemit Bomb! For this week you need to make photobomb with this photo:


You need to create something something funny or interesting. Show your imagination and sense of humor!
Below are examples of photo bombs. But don't try to copy someone! Do your best and original!





  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community.
  • Title of every entry must contain "| PhotoBomb challenge # | Entry of |"
  • End of challenge will be after 7 days when initial post will be closed
  • Each contributor can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge

Please don,t forget to:

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post

If you have some extra money donate me to make new challenge possible!


1 place - 8 steem

2 place - 4 steem

3 place - 3 steem


Greetings from @lubasmol
I hope for support in upvoting from:
| @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02 | @steemitblog | @booming01 | @booming04 | @xpilar | @stephenkendal |
| @sultan-aceh | @xeldal | @enki |


Отличный и веселый конкурс @lubasmol !

Грета одобряет Steemit! :)))))

Авторские права же. Нельзя просто взять и отредактировать чужую фотографию без согласия автора.

 9 months ago 

Ну, полно вам) Зачем так глубоко копать?

сложный вопрос...с одной стороны вроде как и да, с другой стороны в процессе получается новый объект авторского права.
В интернете полно мемов и демотиваторов. Думаю действительно не нужно так глубоко копать.

The girl's hasband is so black nothing can be seen except his white teeth, so his wife is looking at his face and crying.


Моя заявка


here is my entry

Untitled-Project (2).jpg

This is a picture of a movie in which the boy has endured his hands. But with this corona of the photo, a funny photo has been made.

What is the specific closing date of this contest?

 9 months ago 

4th April, after 7 days

I have a question that only photos have to be made and we have to explain about them?

 9 months ago (edited)

Just maкe a funny photo)


Doing fun eating time...

Goodluck to all participants

My Photobomb Entry.

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