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Hi everyone,
It’s another great day to be on steemit and in this wonderful community. I go by the name @calipo09 on steemit but my actual name is Cyril Caleb. I was born in Ghana and a resident here to.


I joined this community the moment I signed up to steemit and this was driven by my love for football and sports in general. My favorite team is Manchester United and I have been supporting them since the first day I started watching football. However, I was supposed to write a membership validation but unfortunately it skipped me until I participated in a contest I saw in the community where I was asked to take a look at my verification status.
After I joined this community, I have made only one post but I’m looking forward to post more content here ranging from match previews, predictions and other posts which I find useful in this community. I have taken time to go through some posts in this community and I intend to add up to the wonderful and amazing content creators in this community.
I am actually making progress with my achievement posts in the @Newcomers community where I have done up to achievement three which is yet to be verified. I have been schooled about the content etiquettes and how steemit frown on plagiarism. Also in preparing to do my achievement four task, I have started learning some of the markdowns which will prove helpful in my posts. I’m looking forward to complete as many tasks as I can in order to explore more of the opportunities steemit is giving.

My favouriate team

There are many stock photo sites across the web but I limit myself to just a few due to copyright issues.
Below are links to some sites where I mostly get my copyright free images from;

Also below is how I cite and refrence my images on steemit after using them.
Referencing image license
[License](license address link)
Citing Image source
[source](Image address link)

I have read through posts in this community and its pros and cons and Im going to abide by them and create wonderful contents which will go a long way to help all of us. I deem it a great honor to be part of this amazing community and I hope I will be verified soon by the admins of this community.


Welcome to steemsports my friend, we hope to have your quality publications soon, shortly the work team will proceed to your verification

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Thanks for the verification

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