The hostel boy

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After a very hectic day in school, the son of man returned to the hostel. The hostel was rowdy as always, people were trooping in and out in their numbers, the good, the bad, the weird, the funny, the lazy, and even the ugly. You could just easily find any character of your choice.


It has been a week since the cleaners were last seen in the hostel, they had some internal grievances with the hostel superintendent who had an hostile relationship with them. So in protest, they decided to stay back from their duties. The toilets and the bedrooms were not in good conditions, the pungent smell from the toilets can just about suffocate even the mighty. I hurriedly made way to my room upstairs to escape from the oozing smell downstairs.

On reaching the room, I notice so many strange faces, their faces looked frightening, their eyes red like crimson, their bushy hair interwoven like that of dirty ram, the smell of marijuana all over the place. I was visibly very uncomfortable, so many thoughts ran through my mind "what if they are looking for you, should I pretend like I entered the wrong room, or should I just act like I've not seen them at all. While still trying to figure out what to do, one of them yelled " big boy you be fresher"?
I immediately responded "no sir" trying to make my
Voice sound as deep as possible.
Another slowly added "why you dey carry face like sey you no sabi anything"
I pretended like I didn't hear what he said.

Another one, this time a short bald headed boy oh man with beard like that of bray Wyatt added further "you sabi who we be?"
I don't know how the word "who you be" came out from my mouth, but the moment it came out, I could sense a change in temperature, modicum of sweats started dripping from my legs inside my shoes, my legs became heavy, oh I didn't even notice that none of my roommates were inside, I was stuck alone, regrettably waiting for the worse to happen.

One of them moved closer and spoke in a low voice
"You say who him be bah? Before knowing what was going on, another headed to the door and bolted it. At that point I didn't know whether to disappeared into the thin air or the ground. As they all moved closer, I lost control over myself and screamed with a loud voice in the manner I haven't before till I lost touch of what was happening around me. Luckily for me, when I lifted up my head, man o war officers had broken the door inside to meet face to face with my oppressors.

They were acousted out of the room, I didn't know that they were cultist, I was just about their forth victim of the day as information had it that they had already extorted a huge sum of money from a student in another room.
Later I heard they were handed over to the police and the rest was history. What a relieve it was for me.

Life of an hostel boy
I'll be back with another episode... Stay tune...



 3 months ago 

Nice story from the hostel boy, lol

 3 months ago 

Smiles... Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate

Hostel has always been a memorial one.
Thanks for sharing man

 3 months ago 

You welcome
The pleasure all mine

the pain de show for your post sorry

 3 months ago 

Ahh.... It is well my brother

 3 months ago 

great post man. I was once in the hostel and i can really relate

 3 months ago 

You can sure relate
Thanks for the feedback

 3 months ago 

Life Dy choke 😩 for hostel o
Nice write up

 3 months ago 

No be small o
Thanks for the feedback

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