Whitestallion weekly Steem Power up Exercise- 400 Steem powered Up.

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400 steempowered.png

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of my weekly power-up, over the past 12 months i have been devoted to the growth of my steempower, and today is another opportunity to add to my vest on the steemit blockchain.

Before performing this exercise I had a total of 9,038Steem power.

Week 2 power up.png


During PowerUp

steem power up 400.png

This week I powered up 400 steem


After Power up

After week 2.png

After performing this exercise I had a total of 9,440 Steem power.

And as always i am very happy to once again add too my stake on the steemit platform. More and heavier power ups in the future.


#Grow with Steem

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 2 months ago (edited)

Hello @whitestallion Thank you for this wonderful content, keep posting quality contents on #campusconnect

Thanks dayo

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