Hello Steemains, Vote Steemit As The "Best Decentralized Social Media Network" in Sourceforge Contest

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Hello friends and welcome to my blog today, we all love steemit and have made here home to all of us, our lives have definitely been affected by this wonderful platform, and steemit as a platform has continued to get better and better.

Last year we had massive Tron integration with steemit, we have seen better projects launched on steemit like NFTs and Defi projects.

Steem as a blockchain is very scalable, fast, and efficient, over the past few years has become a project worth every single investment and time, the community growth is superb and we have seen a huge development in the type of content received in the community.

Sourceforge has organized a contest under the category of Best Decentralized Social Media Network, steemit, Hive, and Blurt, and others have all been listed among the projects. We need your help if steemit is to emerge as the winner of this contest.

To the best of my knowledge, I think steemit deserves your vote for the best Best Decentralized Social Media Network, its time we support Steemit for all of us.


How to Vote

  • Access Sourceforge website using this link link

  • Steemit is currently leading with 104 reviews with Hive just behind it with 100 reviews, Click on Steemit as your choice and leave a review.


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  • You will find the review button below the page, it will look just like highlighted below. Click on it and fill in the spaces on the pros, the cons, and the overall experience.

  • Fill out the rest of the form and submit your entry to vote for Steemit.

Make Sure You Leave a Vote For Steemit, Support steemit, kindly resteem and share this post with your friends so they can vote in favor of steemit as the best decentralized social media network.

C.C- @steemcurator01



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 2 years ago (edited)

I can't access the site with the link. What should I do

 2 years ago 

Steemit is the Truely the best decentralized Blockchain platform and deserves all the ratings it can get

 2 years ago 

The below is a screenshot of mine, it is good that we support our very own out there



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