Service to my Nation - National Youth Service Corp(NYSC). My Experience.


Hi great steemians, hope we are doing great. I have not been doing the most with my drawing board recently because of the national Assignment I was involved in the past three week and it's last for a year interval, will explain further.

In Nigeria, after graduation from the University, we are compulsorily enjoined to serve the country for a period of one year. This service call the National Youth Service Corp is poised to foster unity among youths in the country and to equip them for the future ahead while helping out in any were he/she can to serve the country voluntrily while being appreciated by the federal government monthly for this sacrifice by the youth.

I call it sacrifice because we have to move from one locality to another, far from our known people, our original locality and all to serve the nation in a new state

Prior to this one year of service to the nation the scheme coins out three weeks were every one sent to that particular state is assembled in a place called orientation camp. During this three weeks of the one year, we are prepared for the rest of the weeks and months we will be serving. During this period we engage in healthy competition, we dress a particular way and involve in parade specially taught by army men and women. Below are pictures to show my experience in camp.

My Experience

On arrival in camp we had to start registration and the high point of the camp registration is when we went for the covid 19 test, during the test period we were tensed because if your result had to come out positive then you will have to spend your camp in an isolating center and that can be so devasting because the of the hype we have had about the camp experience and the fun and stress involved. Thank God I tested negative.

Me and my friend on our regular white dress

After the registration, we were then allotted to our hostels of residence. During our stay in camp the regular routine of activity was waking up by 5pm, moving to the parade ground for parade, going to the dining and then moving to the hall for lectures, everything was always timely.

At the line ready to get a meal

We were also involved in sporting activities and I'll like to let us know that I was a Goal keeper for my platoon. My platoon like I just said is more like the groups we are shared into on arrival in camp. So I was in platoon 8 and I was their keeper like I said before. We did very well till we were won at the semi Finals were we finally came out 4th place from 10 platoon football competition.

Match day one

Match day 2

With my team mate

Another important activities we experienced was the match past. We went through some very rigorous training for it. And I will like to let us know that it is not the kind we did in secondary school but the kind done in the army. Below are some beautiful pictures to show.

Training session with the army

during the slow match interplatoon matching competition

Eye right command execution

Our platoon came 4th position out of a 10 platoon matching contest.

We also had some great Man o'war drills were we completed some difficult task like going through tunnels, climbing ropes, sliding through ropes etc.

pLATOoN 8 (426).JPG
Rope climbing

Walking of on ropes

passing through bunks

Jumping fense

All the activities we under took during the Man o'war drill had thier different meaning to life and we were taught all of them as we partook in the activities.

We also took part in some kitchen activities, like helping in preparing the cooking materials, washing an sharing the meal to our fellow Corp members.

Me pounding some leaves at the kitchen

Other pictures

With platoon members

With a beautiful platoon member

The camp experience was a very impactful one a worthy experience one in can't forget in a moment. People complain of the stress of having to be very timely with activities. But I tag a fun and stressful experience.

Thank you for reading through my blog.

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to you and thank you for accepting the clarion call.
In both the fun and the stress, i am glad your stay at the camp was a great success.

More grace man

Wishing u the best in the area u are being posted to

Thanks alot brother.. Happy to see you here

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