Sam And The Life He Dreamt Of.

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Hello Everyone.

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Sam was born into a Christian home and was raised by a no nonsense parent, to Sam his parents strictness was a hindrance to him enjoying life the way he wants to but his parents had the best in mind for him.

The thought of a better tomorrow for their only son Sam caused them sleepless nights and they did everything withing their power to ensure Sam got all he needed, he attended the best schools, all the required textbooks were bought, his parents also ensured he enrolled for extra moral classes to broaden his knowledge.

All these did no matter to Sam for all he ever wanted was to be free like a bird and live his life like the other boys he sees on the street, with no one to question his every decision and he is allowed to go out and come back home whenever he wants. His parents won't let him live the life he wanted because they knew where it will land him but Sam was not willing to give up on the type of life he wanted to live.

Sam got admission to further his studies to college, his parents were happy cause he has made them proud but Sam was happy because he is finally a free bird, in college mom and dad won't be there to direct him on how to live his life, he will go out and come back whenever he likes, to him it was the perfect time to live the life he has always dreamt of.


Sam reported to the college and processed all his clearance, a room in the hostel was allocated to him and he resumed classes. Sam started skipping classes in order to meet up with the life he wanted to live, he goes out late at night and comes back during the Early hours of the next day, because he is tired and exhausted he won't attend classes that day, he started missing test and his life became a living hell.

Results were released and Sam's result turned out to be bad but he could not tell his parents , he kept it a secret until final year when his mates graduated and he was still in school trying to clear all his failed courses, after lots of questioning from his parents and other friends he was forced to open up, his parents were not mad at him they were happy he learnt his lesson the hard way.

Thanks for reading my post.


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