Aliyah's Mistake.

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Greetings Everyone.


Aliyah who just got admission into the university was celebrated by her entire family, it is not quite easy to gain admission these days for the family it was an achievement but for Aliyah she just celebrated her freedom, she will be in school where no one will be there to monitor her and she will be free to live her life just the way she has always dreamt about it.

Her first semester result in the university was awesome all because she was still on track and still remembers the family where she comes from until she crossed paths with Sarah who was living exactly the kind of life her parents stopped her from living while she was still living under their roof, she linked up with Sarah and they became partners in crime, anywhere you see Sarah then Aliya must be somewhere nearby.

Aliyah had to start missing out on classes, after the late night grooves she won't have the strength to go for classes later in the day as she needed to rest so she can go for another, while others were in class studying Aliyah decided she wants to be a full time house wife for her boyfriend, she does all the chores in the house ranging from cooking, cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

I wonder why she made the mistake of dating a guy who does not care about her future, she misses classes but he doesn't, he still remembers the reason he is in school but Aliyah forgot her sole purpose of leaving her father's house. Aliya continued to until it was time for exams and Aliya tried to read and digest everything that was taught in 4 months under 1 week. Results were out and Aliyah's result was one of the worst.


Aliyah's result made her sad for some weeks but Sarah a motivational speaker was there to see her through, took her out on more grooves with the big boys and it made Aliyah forget about her sorrows for sometime, you can runaway from it but you can't hide from it no doubt the bad results was going to come looking for her later on, that's how the university system works.

Everything that has a beginning must have an end, it was time to graduate and that was the moment Aliyah found out Sarah had someone who was writing exams for her while she was grooving, she has good grades all through her academic year and was given clearance form to proceed with her clearance, her boyfriend in the other hand also did very well in his studies and was also allowed to push through with his clearance.


Aliyah on the other hand had a lot of scores to settle with the school, she had to stay in school for another year while those she was grooving with processed their papers and graduated at the right time.

Aliyah learnt her lesson the hard way.


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