Campus Games- Season 2 | Week 3- Art -Portrait drawing(Tommy Shelby) | by @mato445 (Team Titans)

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Hello everyone, trust you're all doing great? It's another wonderful week in the Campus Games - season 2. This week task is about portrait drawing. Each team needs to draw a portrait of Tommy Shelby who plays the main character in the British historical crime drama Peaky Blinders.

The Materials

  • Charcoal powder

  • Charcoal pencil (soft)

  • Blending material (tissue, cotton board,Brush)

  • Pelican paper

The Steps

The first thing I did was draw a table, then sketched out the portrait using charcoal pencil. Then I procceed to shade the eyes of Tommy Shelby, this time I use Charcoal powder, to blend the shading


I shade the face completely using the charcoal powder, then blended the shading with cotton board.


Procceed to Thomas Shelby cap, I shade the cap, and blended the shade using tissue


Finally, I sketched out the background and shaded it with the same charcoal powder, and this time I make use of the the brush to blend the shading.


And finally, the lovely portrait of Thomas Shelby, enjoying his cigarettes


Special appreciation to the entire members of Team Titans, they are so supportive and together we made this lovely potrait.

Thank you all!!




Wow!!!... This is impressive 🙌. I hail you boss kudos for your work

Wow😳😳. This is mind bowing🤯🤯.This is pure Talent, keep it up.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for your support and encouragement @lordhojay

Best regards: Team Titans 💪

This is dope 👍👍

This is madddd

Team titan on fire

Love this

You smashed it 👊👊

Wow this is amazing 🥺

Cool one bro, you did great. This is perfection 😍.

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 3 years ago 

This is lit 🔥🔥, really great portrait. Must even look better than the man himself. Wishing you best of luck

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much for your beautiful remark

 3 years ago 

Great attempt @mato445, you have made a commendable attempt.

Thank you for your participation in #campus games Season 2-week 3

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