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I as a person have different spots in school which brings back lovely memories, and sometimes it brings peace of mind with it .

In my school i.e University of Nigeria Nusuka they are different places of relaxation where you can just go and chill for the evening and forget half of your problems. My favorite spots in school is love garden, it's small space garden filled with carpet grass and bunch of trees which drives fresh air to the environment. That's a image picture or should I say a glimpse of the love garden I'm talking about.


Some times I visit love garden with my friends any time we are tired of school stress and bored at home, it has benches and swings where we relax and some times we smoke and catch some little cruise me.

Another reason I like the place is that is close to a small mini market, we call USB spot where we can get some small chops like meshai ( fried egg with bread) and all sorts of soft drinks. There's also a spot for playing playstation 4, I play football game with my friends which I beat all of them ofcourse😂.

How I feel whenever I'm in that spot.

One thing I like most about my spot is that, it's a place I relive my stress, maybe I had a bad day or a stressful day I just go to my favorite spot to chill and forget about the challenges of life. Some times I go there with my girlfriend to have quiet time and talk
about life and music, sometimes we play music and vibe to it at that spot, and later go to the gaming center and play mortal combat.

So dear reader with this I think I have given you guys a detailed information about my best spot on campus.
Special thanks to @campusconnect for giving this opportunity to pour this out in this innovative platform.

 2 months ago 

Hello @loverboy10 Thank you for sharing , keep posting quality contents on #campusconnect and Most importantly support and join #club5050 program .

 2 months ago 

Okay boss

 2 months ago 

A nice place for relaxation. The environment looks serene.

 2 months ago 

Yes and I'm inviting to share my best spot with me

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