Tips on how to capture your partners interest and Love

Women are emotional and tend to be usually enjoy it when their men meet their emotional needs. What a woman wants to hear is; "I love you Honey, I care about you deeply, you look amazing; you look sexy, my sugar, my tomato etc

When a lady just finished making her hair or just bought a new dress, they will stylishly move around just to seek attention and get comments like; "wow! your hair is lovely", "you look stunning my lady", "you look so pretty in that gown". That is what most women likes to hear.

A woman loves it when a man shows affection and makes her feel how much he cares about her by giving your time and attention to her. They can even go to an extent to fight anybody that tries to cause a roadblock between her and the man.

Men loves it when he has his way and can establish dominance and command respect. Any lady that calls her man a stupid man, an idiot, or a low life somehow is manipulating him to act accordingly.

They accept whatever you tell them just like the women folk and this is because he is moved by what he feel he represents. Whether he is a Mechanic, Welder or a gateman, as long as he gets approval and good results from what he does.

Men like to be competent, A man loves his work so much because that's what gives him a sense of belonging and responsibility and doesn't like it when you speak negatively about his work or he is not getting good credit at work. you're killing their love for you the moment you speak negatively about what they do.

When a man tries to misbehave, remind him of who he is. For example; 'Evangelist', Pastor, 'Doctor', 'Engineer' (even if he works in a mechanical workshop), strong man or intelligent man and so on can boost his morale. You can also remind him of how great he is and how perfect he is at what he does, even when he doesn't like his job. He will feel proud of himself and he'll know you expect much of him and will try to step up to the competition so that he can provide anything you need from him.

In summary, a woman is moved by what she hear from her man while men are moved by responsibility, every man likes seeing the good in what he does before he can think whether love is there or not. To men, respect means love. Women generally place emphasis on the effect of their outward appearance on people around them while men looks at the impression they have on people around them through their worth and level.... Merry Christmas🎅🤶

 2 years ago (edited)

@frankenstein54 Thanks for sharing with us on @campusconnect . Continue sharing your quality contents with us here we love and appreciate your effort ,Thanks, Merry Xmas in advance .

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