Home Sweet Home

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I woke up in the morning, performed my morning rites, did my morning exercise as usual, then went to fetch water from the nearby tap in the area where almost all the people in the neighborhood fetches water, I fetched two gallons of water which will take care of my bathing and cleaning of the house because i want to tidy the whole place before traveling... I bought Beans Cake popularly known as Akara and Bread which i used my last provision of milk and beverage to wash down...

As i was enjoying my meal, I remembered my former girlfriend at home who i broke up with after she replied my mum in a harsh tone, I remembered how we promised each other that we will never separate no matter what happens, I remembered how she got married two months after the incident and i can't help but wonder whether she truly loved me as she claim....

I was deep in thought, I didn't even notice that my roommate is back asking me why i bought Akara and Bread for myself alone... When i snapped back to reality, I explained to him that i thought he'll eat at his girlfriend's place where he went that morning.... I rushed my food and started packing my clothes, I packed the few clothes that i love because it is a habit in our house to update your wardrobe every Christmas then dash out or burn the old clothes...

I am Franklin Onyekwuluje, a final year Microbiology student of Federal University Otuoke in Bayelsa state, I'm the second son of my family, I was born into a polygamous family with my mum as the third and last wife, my mum was blessed with three children, two sons and one daughter which is me, my twin brother and my junior sister.


I packed my clothes inside my small school bag which i used most of the time as traveling bag, took my bathe, tidy the room, dress up and started heading home... I didn't carry my luggage because it is customary for me and my friends to treat whoever is traveling or coming back from traveling as the "Boss" ... My roommate carried my school bag as i swing my hand freely as we move to the bus station... I entered vehicle going to Beggar in Bayelsa state where I entered tricycle going to Peace Park at Ekeki which is the vehicle i do board anytime I'm going home, I met a fellow Steemite inside the vehicle, we exchange numbers and we chatted all through the journey, I didn't feel journey stress or tiredness when i reached home due to wonderful company he kept me...


On our way, we saw a lot of fascinating places like the spring time club base of the marina, it's a wonderful club filled with wealthy people and it's located at Owerri....
Getting home, My junior sister who is a student of Unizik(Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka) came down rushing to carry my luggage, small children living in the neighborhood came holding hands with me, they always come to welcome me when I'm back because of the sweet cookies i do get for them.

As I entered the house, I couldn't help but notice that my Mum prepared my favorite soup (Okro) with semolina, right from when we are young, my Mum disliked Fufu and she do complain that Garri disturbs her in the eye so we stopped eating Garri since when we are small... My Dad who is based in Bwari in Abuja when coming over prefers to eat pounded yam as he loves Fufu but stopped eating it as soon as he got married to my mum.

Finally I'm glad to be home away from school stress, tension and struggle though i miss my friends at school but i still enjoy the company of my family especially my cousin sister who came to visit us, she's very intelligent and also a great orator.

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Thank God you have Finally reached home

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Great woman! Am loyal

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