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Technology is a wide field, and has enabled organizations and businesses across the world to work in an efficient manner. It plays a vital role in efficiect and management and running of businesses. The use of technology in organizations is inevitable, be it any type of firm or company. Technology is made great and significant impact on process advancements in organization through basic elements of technology (software and hardware devices) and running businesses with Technology
Software relates to computer applications that enable organizations generate, store, retrieve and program data. Software is developed for organizational businesses and individual enterprises. Examples of these in the field of business is clearly seen in AFFILIATE MARKETING

Technology has helped in bisinesses and enterprises greatly as we can see in today's commercial activities. Crutial involvements of technology in businesses today are;

  • internet
  • e-mail marketing
  • e-commerce
  • e-business
  • web hosting and promotions
  • maintaining clients network.

Manufacturing businesses use servers and database to store their vast data regarding ;

  • inventory,
  • B2B[buyer to buyer]
  • B2C [buyer to consumer]

Automobile manufacturers use computers to guide maufacturing and designing tools to function in the precise manner, ruling out possibilities of human error. Technology has helped in businesses to successfully organise, plan and harness businesses properly.



Technology in business today has been able to advance in such ways that business partnera can communicate across the globe without eber leaving their respective offices. They can send information instantaneously, download important documents and a number of other things.
Therefore technology has greatly improved businesses in the following ways.


This was greatly diaplayed during the lockdown period. When movement was highly restricted and social-distancing was the order of the day.
As technology advances at rapid pace each day. More and more companies are finding that web conferencing is an effective, cost-effective way to handle business. Web conferencing is a form of technology that uses the inyernet connection to hold group meetings or trainings in real time via the internet. Web conferencing allows businesses to save a great deal of money on travel cost with increased productivity.


Similar to web conferencing teleconferencing is a popular option for holding meetings, conferences, or training seminars for many small businesses. Basically, teleconferencing is a phone call in which more than two people participate. Almost all business rely on teleconferencing to some extent.


Emerging technology has had a dramatic increase on communication, in the work place. Not only does e-mailing and instant messaging allow employees and business partnership to communicate, but it allow them to send files and important documents instantly online. In addition, wireless devices allow business people to send emails, check stocks, and talk to people around the globe from any location.

As Campus Students, Technology in business cannot be overemphasised. Technology is business makes life easier for us. The Social media platforms are tools for business development. We could market our products through any medium.
However, to succeed very well in business you must have a strong NETWORK ECOSYSTEM Acquire what people desire. This can skyrocket your businesses as students. If you apply the right approach towards your business. You would eventually succed as a young enterpreneur. Allow technology influence your business strategies to obtain maximum productivity.



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