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It's pleasurable to write again, welcome back to my blog. One of my passion is to be addressing the challenges students face in campus sequel to this I will be writing on another challenge faced by students which is STAGE FRIGHT


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Stage fright simply refers to the persistent fear and anxiety that an individual conceive when called upon to perform a given task in front of people (audience). Anxiety is most likely expressed when students are called to perform in front of unknown audience, or people whom they perceived to have known what they are asked to deliver to the audience. Most students don't have stage fright when talking to their fellow students but the moment they are called to stand in front of lecturers, they begin to have stage fright.

Stage fright can be demonstrated and observed in the following ways; trembling of hands and legs, sweaty hands, the mouth of the individual becomes dry, individual becomes dizzy, the individual stammers whereas he/she is not a stammerer.

The reason why most students entertain stage fright is not far fetched as it could be traced to a number of various factors such as, fear of making mistakes, fear of humiliation, fear of not satisfying the audience interest, one's physical appearance, lack of preparation, etc.

This has caused so many students poor grades due to the fact that they could not present their seminars and final year projects perfectly well as a result of stage fright. Well, you as a student need to overcome this fear if you must do well.


Hence l will be sharing with you some tips with which you can overcome stage fright and develop yourself to be a good public speaker irrespective of the personalities and calibers of the audience you may have around.

Adequate prepation always leads to success in any thing. So if you must overcome stage fright, get yourself prepared on time.

Avoiding direct eye contact with your audience will make you to concentrate on the content you want to deliver. When your audience look at you in a way don't feel good, you tremble and begin to make more mistakes.

Take a deep breath to relax your body and mind.

Having in mind that the audience are there to hear what you have for them or your own contribution and are not expecting you to tell them what they know is a step to overcome stage fright.

Don't be in a hurry to speak, be calm and speak slowly and eloquently. Good public speakers don't rush!


Stage fright is normal but there is always a need to overcome it. In addition to the outlined tips, use appropriate tones and natural gestures.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate.

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Stage fright indeed cause most students poor grades. Hence, there is always a need to overcome stage fright. I do agree with your outlined tips, they must be of great help to overcome stage fright. Thanks for sharing this inspiring information, expecting more of such nice content from you @christnenye

 9 months ago 

Thanks boss, I appreciate you.

Awesome...this is superb, love this content, it really is an eye opener, gotten to realise that audience are looking to know from me what they haven't known before, thank you for this. We appreciate you @campusconnectng

 9 months ago 

Thanks boss, I appreciate your comment.

 8 months ago 

Hello @christnenye thanks for sharing your post @campusconnect, Continue to beong active in our community we appreciate you , Thanks

 8 months ago 

Thanks boss, I will always be active.

 8 months ago 

Seeing this made me remember when I presented to my department. I have prepared enough and knew everything i was going to say. I was cool till the time i was called upon. Immediately i started, I found myself battling with fear and my eyes stayed glued to the projection. I stuttered consistently and it was a very bad day for me, i must say. Public speaking is really very difficult.

 8 months ago 

Ya, it's really difficult but one can overcome it, always avoid eye contact.

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