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Season greetings to you all, it's really a nice time to write again, I will be Writing on

dealing with low self-esteem as a student.

Low self-esteem is the opinion of one's self in a way that the person is unhappy and unsatisfied with their state of being. ln plain terms, when someone sees his/herself less important as compared to others.

l would like to point out some of the reasons that will make a student to have low self-esteem. The major reasons why a student will have low self-esteem is that when he/she believe that others are doing better than them materially, financially, academically, socially and otherwise. For this reason l will take low self-esteem as a thing of the mind.
Nobody is actually better than anyone in this life if l may say, reasons been that one may be better than the other in any of the above reasons if not all. Nobody is actually complete in this life. You don't need to have what others have to feel among, Contentment will help one do away with low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem has caused a lot of suicidal thoughts which leads to suicidal actions in the society. Most people got depressed as a result of low self-esteem and commit suicide to end their life, this shouldn't be so. Most students commits suicides due to having bad grades when their mates are making it high. What you should know is that you are not competing with anyone though competition is a characteristic which we humans must exhibit if we must go far in life.
In my opinion,what others think about you shouldn't be your concern but the question is what do you think about yourself ? Have you for once imagined yourself as the best ? Say to yourself that you can do whatever others are doing and take a step to do it. You owns your own happiness and the key to do well as a student,refuse to settle in that average life and be a hero.


Give time to do things that make you feel better.
If l may ask, what is that thing you can do to stay happy? Always do something that will make you feel good of yourself and be satisfied with it. If you don't have any, please look for something that will make you feel good of yourself.

Always do the things you are good at doing.
There must be something you are very good at doing, why not exploit it and get rid of been unsatisfied. Utilize your God given potentials and be happy. It will help you feel good of yourself.

Have control over the negative thoughts..
Negative thoughts are normal but your ability to deal with it is what matters. when the thought or feeling of inferiority comes into your mind, remind yourself how unique you are, and the best in your world!

Spend time with people who inspires you.
Everybody must not make you feel good,chose who to be with who can inspire you and see your worth. Stay close to people who will bring out the best in you.


what you think is actually what you are, having low self-esteem will always make you to feel unhappy, And when you are not happy,every part of your body will not be happy. You will become emotionally, socially and mentally traumatized. Always know that you are not competing with anyone,be yourself and see things working for you.

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Nice post

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Thanks boss

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Thanks for sharing this unique content with us here, low self esteem is as bad as depression itself. Continue to be active in our community, we appreciate you 💕

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Thanks ma, I appreciate.

Wow...this is splendid, it's really helpful for a healthy life

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