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Growing up hearing the echoes of those words, "Study hard so you can get good grades and get a better job...", I thought life was patterned that way, so I followed this path perpetually. I regarded those who went on other paths as those who were just plain naive or have not been properly guided on how to achieve success in life.

Along the way I had some setbacks, what I expected from school wasn't what I got back, depression crept in slowly, I had to look for a way out.

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It was then I realized there were so much opportunities out there for me, not that my years of studying was just a waste, but there were other useful things that would have added more knowledge to my life than going to school. Now the people I taught were on the wrong path by not following the same path I followed are now the people that the society appreciates, they are the people that now live the life I once dreamt of. This is because they discovered there were much more opportunities outside these 4 walls of school earlier than most including myself.

I am not condemning school, but I lost faith in it realizing that it doesn't guarantee my financial freedom which is what I have always dreamt of.


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That's so heart-touching! but still yet financial freedom should not be the first priority of life. Education first! E get why. If education isn't important, there won't be any university at first. Most of the people you were saying that discovered it on time does not have interest in school. So my dear, know that you haven't chosen the wrong path by going to school!

Thanks for your reply, I feel like education is different from school, there are many educated people out there that didn't see the four walls of school. I believe there are other ways one can get educated without going through school

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I feel so inspired by this great content of yours. Thank so much for sharing this.

Meanwhile, you need to always include the source of every picture you borrow for the internet

Thanks for the reply, the picture on my post was designed from canva.

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Its alright but please include this link below it because it has exactly the same picture you used👇