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Hello guys
I am happy to be here to make this post on this great community @campusconnectng, indeed, I count it a privilege, an honor to make this post.

There are others more qualified to make this but I happened to be the one making it in this great community.

As kids/youths that we are, we are prone to the influence of peer pressure and sometimes this leads many of our young ones to a secret society with the popular name CULTISM.

When I look at the world today, many youths are being influenced into cultism and their end is always disastrous.

For those that don't know about cultism,it's members and their tactics, please follow along as I will be unveiling this facts about them so that we won't fall prey to their trap.


Cultism can be explained as a secret organizations or groups whose curricular activities are hidden from the public that is they are all done in secret.

These secret groups are filled with little ones like many of us here but their activities are deadly.

These secret groups known as cults exploit it's members and in way provide assistance to them.

These group, devilish group to be precise, possess lots of signs, symbols, way of dressing, way of greeting that are known and used only by the members.

As a secret organizations it is, it's members are under an oath not to reveal any of the Information released in the group.

In the country today, cultism has taken a different route as it mostly consists of young ones and it pushes these young ones to things that the country frowns at, things like ritual killings, taking of hard drugs, handling of illegal weapons and many more detestable practices.


I see the dissemination of this information as utmost importance, inorder to prevent our steemkids from falling prey to the trap of this dangerous groups.

The first secret cult ever to be established in Nigeria goes by the name PYRATES CONFRATERNITY.

They were generally known as Seadogs Confraternity and they were created in the presently known university as University of Ibadan in the year 1952.

The first secret cult consisted of group of students, such as Wole Soyinka, Ralph Opara, Olomuyiwa Awe, Sylvania Egbuchie and many others.

Although the goal of the first secret cult was to promote nationalism, ensure freedom, to promote human rights and many more.

As the secret cult progresses, some of its members became agitated and dissatisfied on the operation of the pyrates and they decided to leave and create different cult groups.

Let's give an instance, the Buccaneers Confraternity was created in the year 1970 by Nolaji Carew in the university of Benin.

Also, the super Eiye was formed within that period in the university of Ibadan, and it was directed by Adogoke Adeniyi.

The above are a brief historical background of cultism.

There are many reasons why student join cults and they are;

  • Lack of moral discipline
  • Academic weakness
  • Influence of parents
  • Immoral acts
  • Lecturer's threat
  • Corrupt government and many more reasons.

I plead to all, not to, in anyway join any of these secret societies as there are lots of disadvantages amongst which are:

  • Untimely death
  • Insecurities
    And many more that I'll discuss on my next post,

Pls follow me so as not to miss out on my educative campus related posts.
I hope to be verified soon as a member of this great community


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Hello @alutadefender Thank you for this wonderful content, keep posting quality contents on #campusconnect

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great work. I remember that a cult was actually created for a good intent by Soyinka but it turned out corrupt.

Great post

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