Contest!!! The Future of the Entrepreneurship | Prize Pool of 6 Steem Power 🏆

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Hello My dear Friends

This is @yourloveguru from India. This is the first contest that I am going to run in one of my favorite communities Steem Entrepreneurs. I have taken permission from the admins and team of the community and now I am going to start the contest with a very beautiful theme.

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Contest Background

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, it's important for entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the challenges and opportunities of the future. This contest is designed to encourage the Steemit community to share their ideas and insights about what the future of entrepreneurship will look like, and how entrepreneurs can thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Participants are invited to submit their vision of the future of entrepreneurship, along with their thoughts on the skills, tools, and mindsets that will be necessary to succeed in this rapidly evolving space. Entries can take many forms, including blog posts, videos, infographics, or any other creative medium that effectively communicates your ideas.

We believe that the Steemit community is full of talented and visionary entrepreneurs, and we can't wait to see what you come up with! So put your thinking caps on, and let's shape the future of entrepreneurship together.

Contest Questions

Some tips for the users to help them in completing the participation are written below.

👉 What do you think are the most important qualities that entrepreneurs will need to cultivate in order to succeed in the future, and why?

👉How do you envision new technologies, such as blockchain and AI, shaping the future of entrepreneurship, and what opportunities and challenges will they bring?

👉How can entrepreneurs take advantage of emerging trends, such as the rise of remote work and the growing gig economy, to build successful businesses?

👉 In what ways do you think entrepreneurship will be impacted by changing economic and political conditions, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing focus on social responsibility?

👉How can entrepreneurs use Steemit to showcase their skills and expertise, and what types of content do you think are most effective for building credibility and authority on the platform?

Contest Rules

• Subscribe and post on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community.

• Participate must be appropriately following #club5050, #club75 or #club100.

• Participants mu be verified an active users on the platform.

• Writing of at least 350 words in any language you understand well.

• Use of copyright-free videos and photos for content needs must be attached to the original source.

• Title must be : The Future of the Entrepreneurship | Entry title.

• Use the main hashtag: #yourloveguru-c03 #creativewriting #india (your country) and make sure to use #steemexclusive.

• Plagiarism and fraud are automatically disqualified.

• Mention at least 3 of your friends, resteem and leave your entry link in the comments column.

• Contest Deadline - 23 February, 2023 ; Thursday at 12:00 pm.

Prize for Winners

I have decided the following prizes for the winners of this contest:

13 SP
22 SP
31 SP

Note: There is no guarantee that SC01 or SC02 will visit your post and support you or not. You could be the lucky ones to receive their votes..

Steem Entrepreneurs Team
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Cc- @disconnect , @pennsif , @stephenkendal , @harferri , @f2i5 , @afrizalbinalka.

All the best to all in advance!

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Pennsif Witness Promoter Team

Hi @yourloveguru...
I see that you haven't supported any witnesses and I, as the Indonesian Special Pennsif Witness Promoter Team, would like to invite you to contribute by providing support. Are you willing?


You can choose two ways to select a witness below



History pennsif

**After 5 years on the platform I have recently launched a Steem witness - @pennsif.witness.

You may know me for Steem News, which is now nearing its 500th edition.

As a witness I am running a Full API Node and a Seed Node. Together with the @steemwow team I have also launched Press4Steem, a plugin to connect WordPress sites with Steem.

It would be great if you are able to support my work by giving one of your witness votes to @pennsif.witness.

If you have any questions about Steem, or if I can help you with anything please contact me on Discord at @Pennsif#9921.

Thank you


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Thank you for organizing the contest for the Steem Entrepreneurs Community. Greeting and blessing

 4 months ago 

Terima kasih telah membuat posting kontes yang bagus di halaman komunitas Steem Entrepreneurs dan tema ini, memberikan point yang bagus untuk mereka dengan kolaborasi antara teknologi. menarik semoga ini berhasil.


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Very nice contest

 4 months ago 

Very good post I really like and interesting thank you very much for sharing with us

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