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Hello Everyone,

I hope you guys are doing well. My name is Zubair Ahmad and I am from Pakistan. I hope you enjoy my post and support me.

I would like to thanks to @mainuna for organization this contest.

I likely to invite @fantvwiki @robin42 @memamun to participate in this contest.


Explain the harmful effects of climate change.
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I can experience alote of climate change currently climate change can bring alote of disease I also have flue in todays climate change.



Environment climate is fulfilled with elements such as Wind, Temperature, Rainfall and snowfall etc If suddenly some changes occurs in these factor like increasing in Environment temperature. These increasing in temperature can cause burning the skin and have alote of heat in air and wind.



Change in climate can bring alote of harmful effects in this environment such as flood Which is very harmful for all the human and animals. Destruction of crops because the corps have need a limited sunlight and also a limited water. Due to climate change it have cause for harmful for crops.

What factors would you blame for global warming?



There are many reason for global warming. The main factor that are familiar with the global warming are. The burning of fossil fuels and the gas from refrigerator the gas such as carbon monoxide from the vehicles and also the harmful gases which came out from industrious.



The cutting down of trees also have the main factor for the depletion of ozone layer which can probably causes Global warming.

But the main reason is human because human is behind these all factor of the deforestation, industry waste and the carbon monoxide from vehicle.

Discuss the impact of climate change on agriculture.



According to my opinion of impact of climate change effect on agriculture. According to my experience which I have done. These moths when all the people grow crops when the corps become grow due the climate change and rainfall all the grow are destroyed.

So due to the climate change ot can waste the hard work of farmer's and its the big impact change on agricultures.

What do you do to protect against the ill effects of climate change?

To protect against from the I'll effects of climate changes everyone have able to planted such a green trees and plants.
We should aware people through social media as I get this Steemit platform for the promotion of planting trees and plant.



Everyone should get awareness from the post to prevent the factor of the climate change and global warming for the prosperity of the Environment and human as well as animals

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