STEEM ENTREPRENEUR COFFEE - | PROGRESS OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ABOUT 45% | - We Build Coffee Shop for PromoSteem and can accept Payments with Steem and SBD.

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25% of payout is donated for @steemkindness empowerment activities.


Good Afternoon My Steemians Friends. I hope all of you are doing well. Today I would like to share some developments in this week's process of building our Coffee Shop "Steem Entrepreneur Coffee". As of September 19, the building construction process has been running for 33 days. Some very good developments. I built this "Steem Entrepreneur Coffee" coffee shop with my brother. The construction of the building was a bit slow according to the capital we had, so we used 3 workers. Even so, the process of building the coffee shop building continues. Here I show some photos of the progress of building construction this week until September 19 :






Now it's been 33 days since the construction process of our Coffee Shop "Steem Entrepreneur Coffee". I started planning on 15 August ago, now the construction progress of the building has been running for more than 45%. I built this Coffee Shop using my Parents Home Page. The location is on the side of the road. I changed the terrace of the house by redesigning its shape and we developed it as a coffee shop. The planned development area is about 120 M2. This coffee shop will not only sell coffee, soft drinks, but also several types of local food that many people like.








In this week the construction process has started to make the floor. After the soil is raised then start to cast cement. Then leveled. The process of making a new floor is running 50%. Within a week we had bought another 30 sacks of cement. The total use of cement this week reached 70 bags of cement. The price of one sack of cement is Rp. 56,000 or 0.56 SBD. Currently, the construction progress of the building is around 45%. The roof installation has reached 100%. The roof uses corrugated zinc roof. It has been added that the purchase of a zinc roof is about 7 pieces. this is the last need. The total purchase of zinc is 102 pieces, because two weeks ago we bought about 30 pieces, 50 pieces, then 15 pieces of corrugated tin roof. The price of 1 sheet of corrugated zinc is Rp. 85,000 or about 0.85 SBD. The total requirement for the entire roof construction is around 102 pieces, and the roofing process is 100% complete.







Estimated Capital for Coffee Shop Development Planning :

NoInformationCapital RpSBD
1.Build Foundation10,800,000108
2.Build a Roof9,500,00095
3.Interior & Decoration8,200,00082
4.Build Floor8,000,00080
5.Electrical & Lighting7,000,00070
6.Wood Material10,000,000100
7.Builder Fees15,000,000150
8.Tables and Chairs7,500,00075
9.Shop Equipment22,000,000220
10.Support Facilitation12,000,000120
11.Operating Capital20,000,000200
12.Unforeseen Expenses20,000,000200
.Estimated Total CapitalRp 150,000,0001,500 SBD

Note :
Exchange Rate : 1 SBD = Rp 100,000


Planning to build this Coffee Shop also aims for me to do PROMO STEEM and PROMO STEEM ENTREPRENEUR to Steemians Friends who visit my Coffee Shop later to drink coffee or order other food and they can make payments with the value of Steem and SBD.


CC :

| @pennsif | @stephenkendal | @steemchiller | @enki | @xeldal |

Thanks You for Your Support to Promo "Steem Entrepreneur Coffee and PromoSteem" on Lhokseumawe City

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That's my plan to build a Coffee Shop for Steem Entrepreneur Coffee, which aims to do PROMO STEEM and PROMO STEEM ENTREPRENEUR to Steemians Friends who visit my Coffee Shop later to drink coffee or order other food and can make payments with Steem or SBD. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us who are in the Coffee Shop Entrepreneurship field. Thanks You all Steemians Friends who support my activities which are making the construction of "Steem Entrepreneur Coffee" and Steemians who visit my post.

Greeting from Me to Steem Entrepreneurs For Better Life


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 2 years ago 

Mantap pak, semoga lancar tanpa kendala.

Aamiin. Terima Kasih atas Doanya. Semoga tidak kendala....

Great job sir

Thanks You For Your Support.

 2 years ago 

Smoga pembangunannya berjalan sesuai target ya 🤗

Aamiin. Terimakasih atas doanya.

 2 years ago 

Sam2 pak😇

 2 years ago 

Semoga cepat rampung Abangda @tucsond "trep ka hawa teuh kupi pree" bek tuwoe undangan Grand Opening hhh

InsyaAllah, Terima kasih atas dukungannya.

 2 years ago 

Siap aduen, sampai jumpa di hari workshop

I love this project and everything it seeks to achieve. This is something which is worthwhile and commend you my friend @tucsond and the team behind it. Well done, I will be writing a post to support it.

Thanks You My Friend for your support. Sorry I'm late reading this.

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I am very happy with this News from You. I really appreciate Your support and help so far to me. Thanks You for this Great Support Sir.

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