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STEEMPRENEURSHOP released a report on the amount of donations collected for medical assistance for parents from Steem Entrepreneur Community Members (@fikar22) from selling Steem Entrepreneur t-shirts.

Previously, the Steempreneur Shop had produced 48 pcs of Steem Entrepreneur T-shirts at the request of Steem Entrepreneur Members. Making merchandise with the steem logo such as the steem entrepreneur t-shirt is the mission and vision of @steempreneurshop steem-promo activities through product marketing. Every product sale will be donated 20% of the selling price to charity. Especially for the first stage, we will distribute 20% of the selling price of each product for the medical expenses of @fikar22 parents.

T-shirt price
Number of shirts
20% donation
1 SBD/T-shirts
48 pcs
48 SBD
9,6 SBD

The amount of donations collected from the sale of 48 pcs of Steem Entrepreneur t-shirts is 9.6 SBD. Steempreneur Shop has converted 9.6 SBD to Rupiah. The total donation collected is IDR 960,000. (Range : 1 SBD/ IDR 100,000). Donations will be distributed within this week.

Forms of assistance that will be donated
  • Groceries
  • Cash for medical expenses
  • Others needs

Thank you to all product buyers from the Steempreneur Shop. Hopefully the donations collected through steem entrepreneurs t-shirt buyers will be useful for the treatment of parents from members of the steem entrepreneur community.

Best regards,
Steempreneur Shop

IMG-20211021-WA0019-01.jpegBanner when delivering donations to the society

Cc : @pennsif @stephenkendal


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Very Good Program from @steempreneurshop, about Every product sale will be donated 20% of the selling price to charity.

 2 years ago 

Up, I want T shirt

#club5050 😁

 2 years ago 

Semoga berkah😇

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