STEEMIT ENGAGEMENT CONTEST|Steem Kindness Contest - Tell us how STEEM changed your life for the better life by @rad-austine

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Hello friends, greetings to you all, how are you people doing, I hope you all are doing great, it's another wonderful week, for a great contest like this, which is titled: How steem change your life for the better It's a very fascinating topic because as steemians, we all have a story to share, my post is well explained, in an enthusiastic ways ,as you read on.

How i got to know steemit


I got to know about steemit from a friend, who has been in the steemit platform for over two years now, his name is @josepha, he was the one that told me about steemit, how it's work through phone call, and chatted me on WhatsApp and Facebook, that was last year around October,

when i was in Delta State, working as a sonographer in a diagnostic center, since i was working in a private diagnostic center, i was earning huge amount of money as my salary, so my interest was not really on steemit also, there was no time to start up with steemit, i then got internship program, in a federal medical hospital, but the good aspect of this my job now is that i have time for other businesses.

I then relocated from Delta State to Abakaliki where luckily @josepha base in the city, it was around the month of March 2022 that i joined steemit platform, through the help of Josepha, he was the one that open steemit account for me.
The image above is myself alongside with josepha.

Roqqu wallet

I also got to know about steemit through my Roqqu wallet I was in to trading of cryptocurrency such as, Bitcoin, Etherum and Tron. as an investor, i buy when it is low an sell when it is high, so when Josepha told me about steem, an luckily i then realized that steemit is also cryptocurrency it's was in my Roqqu wallet, so i had to browse for more knowledge about steemit, i was so happy because it's part of Blockchain network system that is decentralized. The above image is a screenshot of my Roqqu wallet.

Why i decided to join the steemit platform

I decided to join the steemit platform
because i was in to other form of crptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Etherum and Tron, as a trader in cryptocurrency, joining steem was so easy for me since i already have the knowledge of other form of cryptocurrency, i was also very much interested in steemit because it is part of crptocurrency.

The fascinating part about steemit is that i don't even invest my money in to it, not like other form of crptocurrency where you most invest money into it so i was so eager to join and besides registration is free, no money involved, no risk involved all that is required is just to be creative and to write original article, i was so much interested to join the platform, because i was a Novel writer when i was in secondary school, when i got in to the university, i stopped writing books, because medical Radiography was not given me time.

I joined steemit so that i can be earning reward (money) i see it as a very good means of passive income after closing from my the hospital as a Radiographer| Sonographer i will work on steemit, it's very easy for me, no stress involved, is something that i can even lie down on the bed an be doing at ease, yet i will earn reward, i so much love steemit.

I joined steemit because, i like writing, typing, i can be on social media platforms chatting for several hours with friends, at the end of my chatting no reward involved, so while wasting such time on social media, i said to myself, when i can do that on steemit and earn reward

I join steemit because there is no risk involved i see it as a wonderful form of making money, without loosing, all i need to do is just to invest my time on it, people always say time is money that is true, when am free from my career job, i try to invest my time on steemit so as to earn rewards.

How steemit and steem has, change my life for the better both for myself, family and friends.

Steemit has really improve my writing skills Then i find it very difficult to be writing article but since i joined steemit platform, it's fun to me now writing article, i enjoy writing article a lot.

Steemit has improved my sense of reasoning especially in a logical way, before i will writing article, i will first of all, think and image, then try to manifest it through write, it has also help me in really life because, i always think, reasons logically before carrying out a pragmatic action.

Steemit is a wonderful platform that has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge from different articles posted my steemians, also it's has helped, me to gain more knowledge about how to carry out a successful business especially in the steem entrepreneur community, it has helped me a lot in the aspect of business. business management and other important skills of entrtrepreneur.


I made my last transaction on the 30/4/2022 that was last month, i power up half of my steem since am in to club5050 which require me to power up half of my steem, i than transfer remaining half in to my Roqqu wallet, finally i than sold the steem convect the money into my country currency then transfer the funds in to my Raven where i than transfer the money into my bank account, after the transaction, from my steemit wallet, to my Raven then to my bank account, i than withdraw the money, through automatic teller machine.

So i then visited the automatic teller machine where i withdraw the money. The image above is myself at the ATM machine.

That is me in the shop where i bought the Indomie.

I took the Indomie home.

So after i withdraw the money, i visited a shop where i bought Indomie and other commodities. I am so happy now because i can feed myself very well now from the steem money.

Steem i usually earn reward although am still growing in the system, so my reward is still growing as well, am so happy now that i have a passive income, the last transaction i made, i used the money to subscribe my phone, and also to buy some food stuff. So with steemit i am living comfortable now, eating very well, paying all my bills.

My family*


I could remembered the previous transaction i made i used the money to celebrate my sister birthday, i bought drinks and use the money to bake cake, it was a wonderful birthday, all my siblings were happy, it was a very memorable day, it all occurred because of steem, without my steem reward, it won't have been possible.

I could remembered, the last transaction i made i send my siblings airtime, i sent my younger brother 2000naira (8steem) from the money i made. also i sent my sister 2000naira (8steem)that was last week out of the money i earned from steem i also bought one cartoon of Indomie for my younger siblings.



The image above is myself and friends, i took them out, we hangout during Easter Sunday celebration, it's was amazing because i made them happy, the hangout was possible because of steem, now i can comfortably take care of yourself and my friends with steem reward.

I could remembered the last transaction i made out of my steem, i use the money an bought drinks, and cook rice for my friends and neighbors that visited me during Easter Sunday celebration, that was last month.

20% of this post reward donated to @steemkindness




I want to thank the Admin, Moderator of this community, also the organizer of this contest for giving steemians the, opportunity, to share their different life story, although am still new in the system, but in time i will benefit greatly from steemit.

Thank you all for viewing my post

 2 years ago 

Great post there.

Steemit is great that it will always have an impact in one’s life

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for viewing my post

That's was a great post, it is nice to know that steemit has impacted the life of another person.

 2 years ago 

Thank you for mentioning my name as the user that Introduced you to steemit. Honestly I must say that with Steemit you have been able to done a lot for yourself and for your friends. Good write up. Best of luck to you.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so for your comments

 2 years ago 

Welcome and thank you @rad-austine for contributing to the success of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge II" Program initiated by Steemit Team by participating in the Steem Kindnesss Contest from the Steem Entrepreneurs Community

Come on, give your best comments for other contestants' posts to connect with people around the world - Steem On!

Team verification results :
Verified userYES
Beneficiaries 20%YES
Voting CSI58.5

Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much, i will keep doing my best

 2 years ago 

Hello @rad-austine, I'm happy that you were able to learn about the Steemit ecosystem from your friend @josepha. Equally, I'm glad to see how steem has transformed your life even financially and knowledge-wise. Interestingly, I also live in Abakaliki and I would love to invite you to my blog to see how Steemit has changed my life.

 2 years ago 

Wow that's great, that means you are that steemit friend i will like to meet soon, Thank you for commenting on my post i sincerely appreciate.

 2 years ago 

Where are you staying in Abakaliki?

 2 years ago 

I stay besides Grace Court Hotel, Nna Street. What about you, bro?

 2 years ago 

Akpofe street close to Stadium

 2 years ago 

Okay. Can you chat me up on WhatsApp 09035592421

Amigo que bendición que gracias a steemit has podido comprar comida y cosas para tu hogar.
Definitifamente con steemit se tiene una vida mejor.

 2 years ago 

I have seen where all steem money is going to. To be sincere I am happy to read and see what steemit has done in your life
Thanks for sharing and keep steeming. I wish you success

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much my friend

well that Steemit has come to change life, I wish you the best. Blessings

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for commenting on my post, i sincerely appreciate

 2 years ago 

Hola amigo Steemit es una gran bendición para todos nosotros, sigue así trabajando constante.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much my friend for supporting my post

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